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What Made You First Get Into Writing?

When I was a teenager, after I finished reading the Sweet Valley High books was when I first officially started. I realized that I adored the way the author wrote the novel, how the book was created – from the title page to the end. It made me want to write a book. And then, I thought to myself, Hey, why don’t I? I was the type of teenager that tried to avoid household chores as much as possible and I grew up in the country, so I tried to avoid cleaning the barn as well. So as I hid in my bedroom from the realities of life, writing became my main hobby, and I absolutely loved it. I’d never been so excited about something so simple before.


What is Your Preferred Genre to Write?

Romantic suspense. It gives the reader a good love story, simultaneously wound within an intense mystery that virtually takes the whole novel to unwind. I don’t use a lot of big words in my novels, though, or write a whole chapter with no dialogue. I’m very eccentric in my words, and I try to bring lots of talent and color to my characters’ personalities.


How Do You Plan Your Books?

I usually have at least two or three novels “in the works,” so to speak, at one time. That’s not done on purpose, however. If I have writer’s block on one book, I still have an overwhelming urge to write something, so I think of possible scenes to new books in the mean time. Otherwise, I might work on a blog post. I’m all over the place sometimes. Tuesdays is usually my writing night, so I spend all evening planning my books. In my spare time throughout the week, I use the Bear app on my iPhone for jotting down notes for book scenes, especially the main one I’m currently most excited for. Right now, I have one novel ready to be published and almost done with final edits, and then I have three others in the works. After years of writing stories longhand within dozens of notebooks, I’ve unfortunately developed carpel tunnel with my hands, so usually I try to take as much advantage of technology as possible. However, the planning part of my books is all over the place. I don’t write one chapter at a time. Rather, I write one scene at time, and then, within the manuscript, I place them in the order that I want them to go in the story. Then, gradually, I close the gaps once I receive more ideas on the book’s scenes and the character development. It kind of sounds like a complicated process, but it’s actually really helpful for me.


What is Your Advice to Other Writers? 

Feel free to write in your own style. No writer is perfect, but no writer is the same, either. Never give up, and don’t ever let anyone talk down to you on the art of writing. Also, make sure you have several copies of your novel saved in separate places, just in case you accidentally lose it somehow.


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