Poem for My Sister

Poem Written in

Memory of My Late Sister




“Color Pink”

By Jenna Kinzler

The color pink is gentle and sweet,

reminding me of heaven above

and all I have yet to look forward to.

The color pink is soft and humble,

patient, calm, and comforting.

Visiting you, the bush keeps growing taller,

to the sky where you lay beside it in a sleep-like form,

deep underground, but really up in Paradise above.

I wish I knew what it was like again to touch you, to hold you,

and to laugh with you.

Your symbolic color keeps me reminded of One Day.

The color pink is friendship and truth,

love and honor, harmony and happiness.

The color pink is all the people I love in my life

when you are not there to share it with me.

I notice you when I gaze into my husband’s eyes,

when I chuckle at my cats playing,

and when I hear our mother’s laugh.

You were there in the planning of my life – I just know it.

After age five when you died at age two, my darling sister,

I bet you stood beside the Lord and watched Him plan out my life

as perfectly as you were on Earth as well as up there, in the clouds.

You were my best friend and my everlasting promise.

This year, 23 years will seem far too long.

The color pink is in the darkness I see when I close my eyes to sleep.

It is in the color of my wedding dress, the happy thoughts of my cats,

and the sweet kisses my husband and I share.

The color pink reminds me of who I am, of that silent friend

awaiting invisibly, gently pushing me on to keep not giving up.

The color pink, when I open my Bible, reminds me of hope,

that besides God, it will be you I’ll think of in my final moments.

And I’ll smile, because then, the color pink will be all I know.

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