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The Death at Lake Crystal

High school senior Ben Martin retains a good reputation with his parents by keeping out of trouble while remaining on the A honor roll. But being with his girlfriend, Jess Olsen, may alter that, for he is daily trapped by her vindictive eyes judging his every decision. However, before he can set things right, a newfound friendship with Jess’s twin sister, Lizzie sparks a night of guilt-ridden mistakes, abruptly resulting in her death. In turn, he is sent to prison, and his parents’ disownment promptly follows.

Eight years later, Ben is a free man. Seeing Jess again not only rekindles old memories, but also enhances his determination to mend their broken bond. However, in return, her deepest desire is to discover why he was a witness in the tragic death of her shy sister, and why their relationship had been so important. The stunning truth they uncover together changes everything Jess has ever known about her beloved sister—until a secret is unraveled that should never have been left in the dark.

Status: Complete; Submitting to Agents




The Innkeeper’s Secret

Twenty-five years before, a terrible crime occurred where only female college student Lydia Percy had been the witness. To this day, high school student Sarah Carson is still working to understand what happened in those days that had torn her family apart. But in the mean time, she’s failing her Chemistry class – and according to the teacher, only bad boy Damian Stewart can be her Chemistry partner. The more they spend time together, the more they gain each other’s trust, as well as form a bond of love neither of them has ever experienced before. However, before anything more can occur from this newfound relationship, Sarah is kidnapped in the night.

Six years later, Sarah is still missing, and Damian, nearly given up, has taken up farming to remain in town in case she one day returned. Once she does, however, she doesn’t remember him, nor does she remember the mystery of what caused the ruins of her family in the first place. Together, she and Damian gradually piece together the details of her past to uncover the truth. All the while, Lydia Percy remains buried in time, only to be uncovered when it is too late.

Status: the Editing Process

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