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The Perfect Sister

On a cold, wintry day, four teenagers descend upon Lake Crystal, Wyoming, looking for nothing but trouble. After a terrible breakup, one of them—Ben Martin—decides to risk it all: his high school academics, his avid popularity, and his parents’ trust. The day concludes with a robbed bank and a dead teenage girl.

Finding love has become a living nightmare. Unlike his girlfriend, Jess Olson, Ben is neither a partier nor a risk-taker, and he can no longer stand her controlling personality judging his every decision.

Lizzie, Jess’s shy twin sister, has adored him from afar. Mustering courage, she forces herself out of her comfort zone to befriend him. Little by little, the ordinary fades into the distance as they form a unique bond neither of them ever knew—until, on that dark March night, she betrays him—sending him to prison.                                                                

Years later, released from prison, Ben is determined to discover the details surrounding that terrible night. However, the truth unravels everything he thought he knew about Lizzie, including the secret everyone else has withheld.

Status: Complete; Submitting to Agents




Living on a Prayer

After six years of silence, his girlfriend has returned home—and she doesn’t even remember him.

Damian Stewart has never been so happy to see anyone in all his life—until she backs away from him. After his girlfriend Sarah Carson’s kidnapping years ago where it left him both heartbroken and desperate for answers, her amnesia is the final nail in his coffin. Ignoring the advice of friends and family, he deliberately became a farmer so that he could remain in town—just in case she one day returned home.

A jockey. A bully. The most popular boy in school. These are the words Sarah’s friends describe the person this mysterious man used to be. She came to town in search of answers to how she grew up, and the obvious difference of Damian’s past personality compared to now doesn’t add up. But the longer she stays in town and learns about how they got together, the more she realizes that everything Damian knows about her is the key to understanding who she truly is. Then, after that, maybe she can figure out why the town innkeeper keeps appearing around town, always seemingly lurking nearby, perhaps carrying secrets of his own.

Status: the Editing Process

Another Way to Get There

Funny man Kellen Brooks has always found a way to hide negativity and the elements of his dark, ugly past with humor. But two years ago, something happened between him and his best friend’s sister, Maxine Samuelson, in which has caused a strain in their relationship ever since.

Will things ever be the same between them again?

______________More to Come_____________

Status: the Writing Process

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