Aug. 16, 2016

Hello everyone 🙂 🙂

THE MAGIC SUITCASE: MARTHA is OFFICIALLY on paperback!!!!!!!!!!!! You can order it here:

Happy Reading, everyone!! 🙂 🙂



Start Shopping, Everyone!!

Start Shopping, Everyone!!

19 June 2016

Hello, everyone,


In case you haven’t heard on social media, my YA fantasy book, “The Magic Suitcase: Martha” is officially online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords. You can also review it on Goodreads after you’ve read it! 🙂


Also, within 2-3 weeks you will have access to the print version, which you can either order online to get it shipped to your house, or buy it at Barnes and Noble. I will put a blog post out there when you can officially do that. I plan to do a book reading and book signing at my local Barnes and Noble to get it publicized. The rest, of course, is up to all of you! Go out there and buy it or wait until it comes out in print! Share with all of your friends and family about this amazing story! 🙂


Buy it HERE on Amazon!


Review it on Goodreads HERE!


Enjoy, everyone!! 🙂



Today is the Day!!!!!

Today is the Day!!!!!

15 June 2016

Hello everyone,

Update: look for it in stores this weekend

TODAY IS THE DAY!!!!! Today is the day that my fabulous YA fantasy book, “The Magic Suitcase: Martha” is officially published! I want you all to look for it on Amazon, Smashwords, and online at Barnes & Noble first, review it on, and continue checking out my website blog for exciting updates and news as everything gradually occurs.

You can check out the menu above for more info, but here’s the book’s summary:

Martha Jackson, a 13-year old New Zealander in 1906, is a normal, happy girl who loves her father’s stories, and dislikes her younger sister. Then, Martha’s simple, happy life is shattered with the brutal murder of her father. The joy and laughter he gave to their family was gone—or was it?

Martha’s mother, Marilyn, has a secret. For many years, their father has hidden what appears to be a normal suitcase. However, within the luggage is a time-traveling portal that Martha and her sister, Alice must use to unravel the mystery of their father’s murder and unlock the secrets of their mother’s past in order to save their family.

The Magic Suitcase is a heartwarming story of faith, love, and courage where a simple traveling bag is the family’s only hope amidst a legacy they will never forget.


Doesn’t that sound amazing?! I am so deeply thankful to God, first and foremost, for this amazing talent of writing and becoming an author for the very first time. Secondly, I am extremely grateful to my husband, Ryan, and our close friends and family for being such a huge encouragement and support system to this work.


I plan to post in this blog as often as possible in promoting my book, but now, it is up to you. Share this book of legend with your family, friends, and neighbors. Read it for yourself, and then buy it on your phones, Kindles, and Nooks before it becomes in print (POD) in a month or so. Share with everyone you know about this wonderful story of a girl who saves her family. May God the bless the adventure myself and this book will now encounter!


Thank you all in advance for your immense support and devotion! I will keep you posted as events unfold.


Have a good week,


JMK~ 🙂

A Must-Read for Graduates

A Must-Read for Graduates

Hello everyone,


I love the song, “Letter to Me” by Brad Paisley. Except for one lyric in the beginning, it’s pretty spot-on as far as telling your younger self to not worry or be afraid, that everything will come out right in the end. Makes me wish I could’ve read a letter of my twenty-seven year old self to myself at age sixteen or seventeen, when I was worrying about stuff I’m not concerned about anymore. It really makes you think about how precious life is, that life really isn’t about worrying or being afraid, and doing so doesn’t get you very far in life. It all comes out well in the end in accordance with God’s divine will.


It’s been ten years this year now since I’ve been a high school graduate, and six years since I’ve been a college graduate. Therefore, since it is the month of May, I will write a letter instead to all of those graduates for this month, and I encourage you all to share this with someone you know who is graduating from high school, college, or a higher degree this month. I know I’m only 27, but by now I’ve learned a lot and enough where I can essentially give some great advice to those graduates way younger than I am.


Dear Graduates:


What you’re worried about right now won’t matter. Are you wanting that graduation day to go well and smoothly? Don’t worry. Are you wishing that guy or girl to notice you? Don’t worry. Are you wanting nothing but to make your parents proud? Don’t worry. Because it’ll all work out fine in the end.


High school graduates: college isn’t about partying and having the time of your life. It isn’t about getting straight A’s. It’s about striving to do your best, discover who you truly are, and making your college career one that you will never regret. In college, don’t worry so much about dating. Don’t worry, period. Focus on doing well in college and enjoying your career, and then, everything else will fall into place. Choose a major that will not only make you happy, but where you will enjoy your classes, because college should all be about that. If you enjoy your classes, you’ll appreciate your professors. And if you appreciate your professors, you’ll get more and more excited about your major. But this is very important: research everything you can about the major. Does it excite you? Or is it only something that will pay the bills? Go to college for your true passion and love in life. Don’t go for something that may fit well with somebody else. Also, you will have a combination of good and bad dorm roommates. Seek out the good in the bad roommates, because after all, there is good in all people, and despite your limited space, one day you’re sometimes going to wish you were still in college studying for finals and such instead of facing the real world.


College graduates: that graduation day was great, wasn’t it? It sure was. The speeches, the degree in your hands, the thought that it’s time to start job searching for a career in your degree you now have. Surprise yourself with the passions that you have, and if you are unsure, trust me, it’s okay to find a career that you didn’t go to school for. People will ask you why you made that choice of a job that you have, and why you’re not finding a job in your degree. Ignore these people, or tell them that you enjoy what you do, and your degree will help you get into all kinds of jobs, because employers love college degrees. Even if you have a college degree in science and decide to be something completely different, it’s okay. Find a career that excites you and that you enjoy. If it’s within your degree, great. If it’s not, don’t worry about it. Life is all about discovering your passions in life, and if you have a job that you love and that pays the bills, nothing else matters.


Choose a spouse who will make a good mate, who will bring out the best in you. Let them get to know you to the point where they know you better than you know your own self, but it’ll benefit you incredibly. Make sure they love you unconditionally, and let the man be the Christian leader of the home and family breadwinner. Don’t think that you need to change them, because you never will. Accept their flaws if they have any, and learn to love every part of your spouse’s heart, body, mind, and soul. Fall in love with each other all over again every day, and do little things for them that will make them smile or make their day. Make sure you talk about all important decisions: family, children, careers, etc. BEFORE you marry. Marriage is all about sacrifices, but more than that, it’ll be the best decision you’ll ever make.


Adopt a pet to change their life. Volunteer, and find hobbies you believe you won’t like. If you end up liking them, it’ll be a blessing. If you don’t, it’ll be a learning experience. But all in all, in the busyness of life, don’t forget your parents and grandparents. Call them and talk to them as often as you can. Make sure you always end with an “I love you,” because we are never guaranteed tomorrow. They will age faster when you are busy in the worries of life, and before you know it, they’re gone. So appreciate them while you have them here with you. Nothing is important as making sure you keep constant contact with those loved ones. Yes, your career and family is important. But don’t forget about them, for they were the ones who brought you life.


Make sure to enjoy your life, and appreciate every day the blessings God gives you. Oh, and most importantly, above all things, learn to read and study the Bible every day. Focus on the words God gives you, and discover what they really mean. Let go of everything else and become a born-again Christian. Obey the Gospel. God is holding you by the hand; he will lead you through the trials of life and always be your greatest Friend. Count on him and trust Him deeply, for He will never let you down.


Best of luck, Graduates 🙂



Too Much Technology?

Too Much Technology?

Hello everyone,


Is there such a thing as too much technology? I enjoy technology as much as the next person. I have an iPhone 6 Plus, a Samsung tablet, two laptops, and a desktop computer. So I guess you can say that technology is the thing of the present and of the future. Everybody wants the latest and greatest thing. But for me, there’s such a thing as going too far with technology and being just right with technology. Let me give you an example:


Sunday night, I was sitting on our apartment couch watching “WALL-E” (love that movie), when I noticed a weird toothbrush commercial. It was essentially a Colgate advertisement that was advertising not only a fancy electric toothbrush–but one that a teeth whitener inside the toothbrush. So then, all you have to do when you’re done brushing is whiten your teeth!


Ahem. What? I don’t even whiten my teeth. They’re white enough. I remember thinking, what’s going to be next, toothpaste built into the toothbrush so that we don’t have put it on the toothbrush ourselves? Have we really gotten that  lazy where we depend on technology to do our work for us? Using technology for work and writing, I understand that. Do we need a Bluetooth? Sure, for work. But could we live without it? Yes.


I’m the type of person who would never buy a Kindle or a Nook. When my book comes out in e-Format, of course I’ll have to get the app where I can locate it. But that’s necessity. I don’t need to buy an electronic version of a book, because I’m perfectly happy holding an actual book in my hands. I like the smell of the book, the feeling of the crisp, soft pages within my hand, like you’re holding the whole world within your fingertips. Having technology as a necessity is much, much different than needing to buy the latest and greatest thing. I’m fine with holding off from getting technology that I really don’t need. Sure, I may like it and think it’s cool, but whenever I see advertisements on TV doting the thought that one day, we’re going to rely upon technology for pretty much everything, I always have one single thought. And that thought is, will buying all these new technological stuff enhance my eternity one day? I won’t be able to bring any technology with me. In the Bible, you don’t hear about angels flipping through their iPads.


Think it over: when technology becomes less of a necessity and more of a want, such as absurd things like a teeth whitener in a toothbrush, are we really thinking it through? Don’t get me wrong: I love technology. Technology has gotten us so far, and I love that it has. I would love to get the newest iPhone, newest Apple Watch, and so forth. But when technology has gotten so far that it does work for us or work where settlers in pioneer times did fine without, that’s a completely different story. If you’ve ever seen the Robin Williams movie, “Bicentennial Man,” you realize he’s a robot who becomes the family servant and does everything for them. They have flying cars that drive for them, and so forth. That’s technology, just that toothbrush, that has gotten way out of hand.


It’s fine to get things for necessity, or even to buy the latest and greatest technological gadget. But when you buy something that does something that you yourself are perfectly capable of doing, that’s going too far. And remember, folks, when you are buying this new technology, that one day when you die, you won’t be able to take any of that with you. Oh, you may have your loved ones bury these things in the casket with you, but they’re not really going with you. Not at all. Buying  new technology stuff is fun. But don’t let technology run your life. For example, as a parent, I would never allow my child to use a tablet. I grew up just fine without one. I would never buy a tootbrush that does more than brushes your teeth. Who knows, maybe one day it’ll floss for you too. I would never buy a Kindle or Nook, because you can buy and check out actual books the same way.


I saw this “Born Loser” comic one time where the main guy, the born loser guy, ran into his neighbor’s little girl. He said he was off to the library and asked the girl if she wanted to come with. The girl then went on about how cool the library is, that you can use the computer and check out movies. The born loser guy said, “You know, when I was your age, we didn’t have such things in the library.” Then, the little girl replied, “Then what was the library even used for?”


How sad is that. The Spanish word for books is libros. The word LIBRARY is testament of that. I even am still surprised to see computer laps in libraries, unless it’s a college or high school ibrary, because libraries went on just fine without technology when I was a little girl. My mom would bring my sisters and I to the library to READ BOOKS. There were no computers, etc there. It was all books. Books, books, books. And you know what? We were perfectly happy because books was all we wanted.


If you’re confused by now on whether or not you think I enjoy technology, don’t be. I do enjoy technology. But the bottom line is that we don’t need technology for everything. We shouldn’t let technology run our lives. Focus on God, family, and friends first, and then use technology as a necessity first. That’s how you became a happier person, not by technology.


By the way, my book, “The Magic Suitcase: Martha” is now on Netgalley to be reviewed. You may review it HERE before you buy it.


Have a good week, everyone. 🙂



Setting Long-Term Goals

Hello everyone,


I apologize for not having written in a while–been a very busy lady! Part of this busyness has been thinking of Paul from the Bible. Over the past month, I read through the whole book of Acts and pondered his immense courage. As the apostle John relays the sometimes chilling details about the problems and obstacles that prevented Paul from preaching the Gospel, such as imprisonment, being shipwrecked, and confronting an angry crowd – to name a few, I admire him even more. Not once do you hear of Paul complaining about his circumstances or how he wished for more chances to spread the Gospel. Not once do you hear Paul fearing for his life. He seems like an easygoing guy who just takes conflict and runs with it. The courage he had was amazing, and that’s the kind of example I hope to set in my life as well.


My husband is my biggest support system and encouragement with me and my writing. I couldn’t do anything without him. He was the one who suggested that besides doing freelance writing/authoring, I look for opportunities around our hometown where I could get my foot in the door. Then, that foot in that door could lead to a career down the road that will have given me, overall, healthy experience. Who knows where it could lead, but I’m hoping that it’ll eventually lead me to a full-time opportunity. Therefore, on the sideline, you will see another milestone goal I put up. I plan to look for opportunities every day, Monday-Friday (since I use the weekends for spending time with my husband and family), and do it up to a year. Hopefully and God willing, I will be blessed in what I do and the determination I use.


Over the past month, I have also been busy with finishing writing and completely revising my romantic suspense novel, “Hush, Don’t Tell.” You can find more information about it HERE. My next goal for that is to submit query letters to 50 agents, and then 5 small publishing presses afterward if necessary.


Then, finally, THIS MONTH you can be able to pre-order my YA fantasy novel, “The Magic Suitcase”! I will let you all know the moment you can start to pre-order it, and also when you can look for it on Netgalla so you can start reviewing it!


Exciting things happening in 2016 so far! I am excited and looking forward to following God’s footsteps in wherever he may lead me beginning today, and you should, too. Go to God in prayer, and study the Bible on what it means to obey the Gospel. Paul encountered many obstacles along the way, so many that you would think he would give up instead of pressing on.


Philippians 3: 12-16: Not that I have already obtained it or have already become perfect, but I press on so that I may lay hold of that for which also I was laid hold of by Christ Jesus. 13 Brethren, I do not regard myself as having laid hold of it yet; but one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead, 14 I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. 15 Let us therefore, as many as are perfect, have this attitude; and if in anything you have a different attitude, God will reveal that also to you; 16 however, let us keep living by that same standard to which we have attained.


Have a good week, everyone 🙂





Now Offering Editing Services

Now Offering Editing Services

Attention, attention! Attention all writers! 

Hello everyone! I will now be offering editing services for those who need it. It will be beneficial for writers, because not only will they receive the same constructive criticism that publishing house editors would give, you’ll also meet a new friend: me. Not only am I willing to work with you on a business sense, but I am here for you to offer writers advice like how to overcome writers block, publishing info, etc, all for free. The only cost is if you’d like something of yours edited.

Please see below for details that are also on the “Editing Services” page above!

Are you looking for a professional to write and edit something of yours? A poem, short story or manuscript or any other documents? Are you on the verge of sending something into a publisher and need another’s eye about what you have written? You’ve come to the right place! I will edit and proofread your documents while providing free feedback and criticism to you at a single cost. 

Why Me? 

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with an emphasis on Writing. I also fourteen years of my own experience, including college, to professionally give you a good writing and editing approach. 

How does it work? 
You contact me via email or social media with your attached document you would like edited. If it is a short story or manuscript, I will provide free constructive criticism in comments throughout the work. Criticism is nothing personal against you or your work, but something critics give on a regular basis. I will give you honest and creative feedback that will be most beneficial to you and your work. Examples of things I’d comment on is research done for something in the story, or POV aspects.
I will edit the following for free before you decide to accept my work: the first chapter for manuscripts, the first paragraph for poetry and one page works, or the first page for anything else. 
What do you look for when editing?

Sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, spelling, the same POV within paragraphs, and that the paragraphs are indented correctly. 

What is the cost?

Manuscripts, book of poetry or short stories – $50
Individual poetry, short stories- $20
Other documents – $20

How long will it take?
Manuscripts- 2-3 weeks
Other – 3-5 days 

I will not accept material of the erotic or sexual nature.

Need more info?
Please contact me via one of my social media pages (seen in the About /Contact Jenna tab above) or by my email:  
The most beneficial way you can help me in this process is to share this information with others. Share it on your social media pages, and if you know of someone looking to edit anything of any kind, please tell them about the services I offer! 

Thank you! I look forward to working with you all! I promise you it’ll be a rewarding and exciting experience for both of us!