Too Much Technology?

Too Much Technology?

Hello everyone,


Is there such a thing as too much technology? I enjoy technology as much as the next person. I have an iPhone 6 Plus, a Samsung tablet, two laptops, and a desktop computer. So I guess you can say that technology is the thing of the present and of the future. Everybody wants the latest and greatest thing. But for me, there’s such a thing as going too far with technology and being just right with technology. Let me give you an example:


Sunday night, I was sitting on our apartment couch watching “WALL-E” (love that movie), when I noticed a weird toothbrush commercial. It was essentially a Colgate advertisement that was advertising not only a fancy electric toothbrush–but one that a teeth whitener inside the toothbrush. So then, all you have to do when you’re done brushing is whiten your teeth!


Ahem. What? I don’t even whiten my teeth. They’re white enough. I remember thinking, what’s going to be next, toothpaste built into the toothbrush so that we don’t have put it on the toothbrush ourselves? Have we really gotten that  lazy where we depend on technology to do our work for us? Using technology for work and writing, I understand that. Do we need a Bluetooth? Sure, for work. But could we live without it? Yes.


I’m the type of person who would never buy a Kindle or a Nook. When my book comes out in e-Format, of course I’ll have to get the app where I can locate it. But that’s necessity. I don’t need to buy an electronic version of a book, because I’m perfectly happy holding an actual book in my hands. I like the smell of the book, the feeling of the crisp, soft pages within my hand, like you’re holding the whole world within your fingertips. Having technology as a necessity is much, much different than needing to buy the latest and greatest thing. I’m fine with holding off from getting technology that I really don’t need. Sure, I may like it and think it’s cool, but whenever I see advertisements on TV doting the thought that one day, we’re going to rely upon technology for pretty much everything, I always have one single thought. And that thought is, will buying all these new technological stuff enhance my eternity one day? I won’t be able to bring any technology with me. In the Bible, you don’t hear about angels flipping through their iPads.


Think it over: when technology becomes less of a necessity and more of a want, such as absurd things like a teeth whitener in a toothbrush, are we really thinking it through? Don’t get me wrong: I love technology. Technology has gotten us so far, and I love that it has. I would love to get the newest iPhone, newest Apple Watch, and so forth. But when technology has gotten so far that it does work for us or work where settlers in pioneer times did fine without, that’s a completely different story. If you’ve ever seen the Robin Williams movie, “Bicentennial Man,” you realize he’s a robot who becomes the family servant and does everything for them. They have flying cars that drive for them, and so forth. That’s technology, just that toothbrush, that has gotten way out of hand.


It’s fine to get things for necessity, or even to buy the latest and greatest technological gadget. But when you buy something that does something that you yourself are perfectly capable of doing, that’s going too far. And remember, folks, when you are buying this new technology, that one day when you die, you won’t be able to take any of that with you. Oh, you may have your loved ones bury these things in the casket with you, but they’re not really going with you. Not at all. Buying  new technology stuff is fun. But don’t let technology run your life. For example, as a parent, I would never allow my child to use a tablet. I grew up just fine without one. I would never buy a tootbrush that does more than brushes your teeth. Who knows, maybe one day it’ll floss for you too. I would never buy a Kindle or Nook, because you can buy and check out actual books the same way.


I saw this “Born Loser” comic one time where the main guy, the born loser guy, ran into his neighbor’s little girl. He said he was off to the library and asked the girl if she wanted to come with. The girl then went on about how cool the library is, that you can use the computer and check out movies. The born loser guy said, “You know, when I was your age, we didn’t have such things in the library.” Then, the little girl replied, “Then what was the library even used for?”


How sad is that. The Spanish word for books is libros. The word LIBRARY is testament of that. I even am still surprised to see computer laps in libraries, unless it’s a college or high school ibrary, because libraries went on just fine without technology when I was a little girl. My mom would bring my sisters and I to the library to READ BOOKS. There were no computers, etc there. It was all books. Books, books, books. And you know what? We were perfectly happy because books was all we wanted.


If you’re confused by now on whether or not you think I enjoy technology, don’t be. I do enjoy technology. But the bottom line is that we don’t need technology for everything. We shouldn’t let technology run our lives. Focus on God, family, and friends first, and then use technology as a necessity first. That’s how you became a happier person, not by technology.


By the way, my book, “The Magic Suitcase: Martha” is now on Netgalley to be reviewed. You may review it HERE before you buy it.


Have a good week, everyone. 🙂




Update on “The Magic Suitcase”!

Hello everyone,

I have a recent update on the release date of “The Magic Suitcase” and the information surrounding that. It will now be digitally released through Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes and Noble this April. It’ll be print on demand too. 

If you’re looking to read a fun fantasy novel with historical elements, the book “The Magic Suitcase: Martha” is for you. This will be the first of two books in the series. 

As for my current project I’m working on (see the Current Project page for more details), I plan to try everything I can in publishing this in print first through a common publishing company. Whether it’s through an agent or a company editor, I’m determined to make this dream a reality. If anyone has any publishing advice, I’d love to hear it, too. 

Have a great week, everyone 🙂 


Falling In Love With a Magic Suitcase

Falling In Love With a Magic Suitcase

girl with suitcase

Martha Jackson, a 13-year old New Zealander in 1906, is a normal, happy girl who loves her father’s stories, and dislikes her younger sister in her hometown. Then, Martha’s simple, happy life is shattered with the brutal murder of her father. The joy and laughter he gave to their family was gone—or was it?

Martha’s mother, Marilyn, has a secret. For many years, their father has hid what appears to be a normal suitcase. However, within the luggage is a time-traveling portal that Martha and her sister, Alice must use to unravel the mystery of their father’s murder and unlock the secrets of their mother’s past in order to save their family.


            The Magic Suitcase is a heartwarming story of faith, love, and courage where a simple traveling bag is the family’s only hope amidst a legacy they will never forget.

Hello everyone. The girl above is what you may think about with the girl mentioned in my debut novel coming soon February 2016: “The Magic Suitcase”! The girl’s name is Martha, and she has been instructed by her mother, Marilyn, to jump into a magic suitcase to save her life – both her and her sister.

Meanwhile, look below to a mysterious England manor, and think about the secrets mulling inside there from Marilyn Jackson’s past!

James Manor

What an intriguing thought that such a life could exist in such a novel. The genre is inspirational suspense and the mystery is right there in front of you.

The inspiration: a dream.

Join me in welcoming “The Magic Suitcase” to the table! Help me in making it the best and most inspirational and exciting suspense novel of the decade!

You never know where a simple brown suitcase may take you on your journey on Earth…

What clues will the young girls, Martha and Alice discover to their mother’s past in seeking answers to why their father was murdered?

What will be the shocking ending that will blow you away?

What excitement awaits you, with surprise after endless surprise, as you dive into this intriguing novel?

Find out February 8, 2016! And make sure to tell all of your friends!

Behold! The Big Surprise Revealed!

Hello everyone,

When I was 12 years old, I dreamed of getting published. I knew that if I worked hard, little by little, I would be successful. I write story after story with the intention of making a difference. To me, it’s not at all about the money. It’s about your story becoming all it can be with God’s help alone, inspiring others through the hard earned lessons taught and fought within the story! 🙂


I am now to reveal the big surprise!! 🙂 Last Friday, I signed, dated, and sent off my very first book contract of my life! 🙂 I am now the proud and excited author of a wonderful traditional publishing company: eTreasures Publishing!! 🙂 They shall receive the contract today in the mail. I am so very excited about this! This is an ultimate dream come true! I submitted my novel, “The Magic Suitcase” to them in September 2014. I got offered a contract last March. And now, with the tentative release date of February 8, 2016, I can say that I will be a published author! 🙂


Some people think being a writer is easy, that all that you do is write whatever and it gets published.


No. Being published is a once in a lifetime opportunity, a dream that could come true if you work your very hardest and research all that you can about writing, events within the novel story, and publishing to make it come true. It took me 2 years to write this book. And now, I can happily say that it will be my first published novel! 🙂


Check out my “Debut Novel” page as soon as you get a chance! It will enlighten you with the story’s overall plot!


I’d like to also take this chance to thank God for blessing me with this amazing gift of being a writer! 🙂 There’s no other passion in my life that I am more proud of. Also, I’d like to thank my husband and family, along with all my friends, for your constant support, encouragement, and love! Thank you to my husband especially for always encouraging me to write and get it done, even when I was procrastinating! 🙂


Finally, thank you to all of my Twitter, WordPress, and Facebook friends! Without you this wouldn’t be possible! 🙂
More exciting news soon about this big surprise! Keep watching my website for more exciting info! 🙂



Hint #1: New Zealand

May 20, 2015

Hello everyone,

There is exciting news coming super duper soon, within only a few short days! But before I announce this Big Surprise, I’m going to give you all 3 major hints.

The first hint is: New Zealand.

Why New Zealand?

Not very long ago, I wrote a 81,000-word novel, The Magic Suitcase. As you can see in my Debut Novel page, this story is basically about two young girls whose father has recently been mysteriously murdered. Their mother won’t share who it is that killed their father, for their own protection. Then, Martha and Alice come across this magical suitcase. Just imagine – early 1900s folks seeing something completely supernatural come into their midst! Just think how incredibly shocking that would’ve been to see something magical and supernatural develop before their very eyes! It’d definitely be something beyond their wildest dreams! 🙂

Well, the setting of The Magic Suitcase is New Zealand. So once again, the question is:

Why New Zealand?

Well, why not? How often do you hear of a story based in one of the smallest countries in the world? Especially in the early 1900s? I did extensive research of New Zealand and discovered that there was a small coal-mining town named Reefton back in those days, which still exists to this day. The novel is set in that same town in New Zealand. When I had my dream that brought up this entire story idea in the first place, I remember how the story was also based in New Zealand there!

New Zealand is a stunning, beautiful continent with jaw-dropping landscapes and mountains galore. New Zealand deemed the perfect place for such a magical story.

So with all of that said, as hint #1 represents: New Zealand. What does the big surprise have to do with New Zealand??????

You’re all more than welcome to say your own guesses, but nothing will be yet revealed for several days still, at least. In the mean time, as time grows closer, I’ll be writing these hints in blog posts that will come several times this week, into early next week possibly. It all depends on how long the Big Surprise takes in its magical, beautiful, transcendent ride to arrive. But I am patient, and I know all of my wonderful fans will be, too. 😉

Happy Writing and have a great week, everyone. 🙂

JMK~ 🙂

The Joy of Writing

Hello everyone,

Has the good Lord ever made you wait for anything? Well, folks, I’m waiting right now, for a couple things, and let me tell ya, it’s tough!! 🙂 But I know that in the end, it’ll be so incredibly worth it 🙂

What have you had to wait for in your life?

Imagine sitting in jail, feeling like you’re rotting there, while waiting to get let out from that dark, grimy cell, behind black, steel bars that are keeping you there until the government thinks you’ve learned your lesson. This was such a case for Benjamin “Ben” Martin.

I know, I’ve now finished writing about the history of all the books I’ve ever written since I first began writing in my life (see category History of My Books above). But this book is special. In the past couple weeks, I’ve been thinking to myself about the writer’s block I currently have with the book idea I have listed under my “Current Project” page (see above for further details), “Crimson”. But I’ve also had a good idea that if I’m going to speed up my writing and publishing process once my husband and I have children and it gets loads busier one day eventually, I’ll have to get a head start now.

So while I’m waiting for my current writer’s block of my book “Crimson” to flourish away, I’m currently in deep revision of my first book I’ve ever written that was once called, “Life with Guardian Angels.” But now it’s called “Childhood Secrets”. And it is going really well!

So anyway, Ben Martin has been in jail for four years, now being let out. As a reader, you don’t know what he went in for or why he committed the crime. All you know is that he is now a free man, being led out of the jail gates toward a gray SUV where his friends, Cassie Dawson and Mike Bain, excitedly await! His friends are so happy to see him. They haven’t seen him in four years, but beyond that, they have been the only ones keeping in touch with him. Now Ben is a pretty decent guy, apart from the fact that he was once in jail. He comes from a good family; he’s a farm boy, too, and now things are about to get exciting.

Meanwhile, Jess Olsen Beckham had lost her husband to a terrible car accident two years before. She has spent the last two years in mourning for him, trying to move on in a life where her husband, Don, no longer exists. Now how sad is that. Writing the scenes of Jess losing her husband, it really made my heart heavy, just thinking about the complete and terrible loss and pain you would have from losing a spouse so unexpectedly like that. Jess has moved her and her dog, Frank, to a different place and is gradually starting to build a brand new life for herself, little by little.

Ironically, Jess is best friends with Cassie Dawson, and they have been best friends since seventh grade. She’s also friends with Mike. So when Jess steps foot inside her and her friends’ favorite taco joint, she is shocked to see Ben there with them, for of course Cassie never said anything, the matchmaker! All we know about this situation thus far is that Jess and Ben were once high school sweethearts, aren’t very good friends now, and didn’t talk at all during Ben’s jail sentence except for when Jess testified for him during his court trial.

Has this story grabbed you by the throat yet? 😉

So continuing on, as I conclude, this book will be an inspirational-based, romance suspense. It’s suspenseful, because in order to understand all the major facts of the story, we must peer into each and every character’s life, including the deep, dark secrets of Jess’s deceased twin sister, Lizzie’s past, to piece everything completely together.

That is all I will share about the book for now! 🙂 I’ll of course keep you posted gradually about it as time goes on.

Let me share one last thing for you. It is a gloomy day here in North Dakota where we live. It’s very rainy. There’d be nothing better I’d love to do than ——- no, not write ——– read fan mail! I know I am not a published author yet, but almost, so with that said, if you all have any questions, comments, or suggestions about writing, fun characters you like whether it be mine or another author’s, my blog, my life, your life, your passions and about you, or anything in general, really, please drop me a message to my email: sometime! Oh, and please also visit my “About Me” page for more information on how to follow me on social media and subscribe to my monthly newsletter! 🙂

All for now and wishing you all a blessed week,

JMK~ 🙂

The Mysterious Secrets of a Blank Mind ~

Hello everyone,

And yes, if you didn’t understand my title, I am a writer and I do have writer’s block. 😦 I’m struggling with my current novel (see Current Novel page), with my black cat Felix’s tail looping over my keyboard, and I am staring at a blank screen. I usually don’t enjoy donating plasma and writing in one day, since I’m often found drinking ten gallons of water, haha. But I decided to be a little more productive today.

While I was donating plasma, though, I was skimming through Pinterest and found a ton of writing pins that I liked quite a lot. They gave me a lot of great inspiration, too (as I slam yet another bottled water), and I decided to share some inspiration with you. So here are the top six ways to get over writer’s block and start writing like you should!!!! 🙂 🙂

1.) Write about what you love that won’t get published. Remember those writing exercises you did in creative writing classes in middle high school, high school, or college? Neither do I. But anyway, write about your favorite memory growing up, your favorite food, write about your pets, or just whatever you like. Let your mind explore the possibilities.

2.) Watch your favorite movie. This always inspires me, because after all, most movies are based off of books.

3.) Read your favorite novel, or just excerpts from it. Aside from the Bible, my favorite novel of all time is “The Secret Keeper” by Kate Morton. The smallest or greatest word, beautifully sewn in intricately perfect font, is such passionate artwork to me. That really makes me want to write as great a story as a fantastic author.

4.) Outline your book on a separate sheet of paper, or in a notepad, or even on a Microsoft Word document sheet. This particular exercise helps me sometimes, but not all the time.

5.) Get away from the story for a while and let your mind wander. While you’re in the shower, or brushing your teeth in the morning or evening, imagine yourself in the character(s) shoes. Where would they go from here? What happens next and how can they go about it? This especially helps me whenever I am desperately craving a lot more passionate artwork in my own writing, like now, haha.

6.) Don’t be afraid of making the first draft a dud. That’s what editing and rewriting is for! Write out the scenes that are bugging your mind most. Get all of those good and ugly scenes out of your mind, and then polish them later. When I wrote my debut novel, “The Magic Suitcase,” this helped me a lot. When you don’t feel like writing this scene, or if you’re like me and its the only scene of the book left to write (I tend to skip around a lot when I write, which also helps me), just vomit it all out and worry about polishing it later. It’s only when we learn to like and enjoy that particular scene when it deserves the most effort and also when we give it the best effort. 🙂

My surprise should be hopefully posted on my blog this week, so keep your eyes peeled for exciting news soon!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂

Have a blessed week 🙂