The Importance of Querying Only Literary Agents

March 3, 2017

Hello everyone,

Writing, like other hobbies, is an art that takes time, practice, devotion, love and, perhaps, even an education to perfect. There are millions of writers all over the world, thousands upon thousands of books. You can read a book in print, or by your Kindle or Nook. You can read it online. You can do all sorts of writing-related activities, similar to an artist. An artist can be a painter by simple sketchbooks, or by a paintbrush, whereas a writer can be one from any genre that is out there. But once that perfect poem, novella, or novel is written and deep inside your heart, your truest desire is to be published and for the world to see your unique work – that right there is when you know your work is as perfect as it can be. It is the truest image of yourself that you can give. It took your heart and soul, sleepless nights, and every  breath of your body to create that work. You made sacrifices with this work that you never thought you’d ever have to do. Aside from God, your family, friends, and your job, it is the most important thing in the world to you.

Then, in a blink of an eye, it’s suddenly gone. Vanished. The piece of history you worked so hard for in sweat and tears, is no more.

I’ve been a writer since twelve years old when I first picked up a notebook and pen and decided to write. Dozens and dozens of notebooks later, I typed them up in the computer. But back then, I was naïve and didn’t realize, until college, the steps that needed to be took to publish. Now, I understand those steps even more, but recently, I made a mistake in judgment that I’ll never make again, causing me to realize the pain and deep disappointment life brings if, as a writer, you do not submit to literary agents.

There are scammers out there who don’t care at all about your book, but literary agents are not that way. They are the ones you must go to not first, but ONLY when submitting your manuscript, poem, etc. They’re the ones you should only query. You edit your work in three ways: through grammar, spelling, and punctuation; through revising sentences and making sure all the facts in the book are correct; then, finally, through making sure the overall book makes sense as a whole. Then, you perfect the query letter and synopsis by making sure the hook of the book stands out and is eye-catching and without using any cliché sentences. Once you are ready to submit to an agent, go onto and do so. You research what genre your work places into, and then search for a literary agent who only is interested in such genres.

You do NOT, and I repeat, NOT submit to publishing companies first.

Publishing companies such as Little Brown Co, Scholastic, and other big popular companies are magnificent and prefer literary agents to come to them. They will not accept unsolicited manuscripts, which means without agent representation, which is perfect, because it prevents you from being ripped off. If you submit to a small publishing company apart from literary agent representation, you are at risk at getting scammed and heartbroken. There may be small publishing companies out there who are legitimate, but how can you know for sure unless you risk your entire life’s work to find out? A literary agent keeps you from being scammed and helps you become published; that is their sole purpose. Literary agents are awesome. They are your best friend when it comes to getting published; after you are accepted by them, of course. But once you are, they take good care of you. They constantly keep you in the loop as to what is going on with your book. They make sure your book gets the best service you can possibly imagine. They accept your book, because they believe in it as much as you do, and for them, it’s not about the money or promoting a business. It’s simply about serving the author and helping to publish a book destined for the world to read.

Authors don’t pay a cent when it comes to publishing. The agents and publishing companies promote your book for you. They take care of you. They put your book in print right away. If they have a release date promise for a book, they keep it and never postpone it. They do an excellent service to the author and are their ultimate guard dog. Read my lips: they take wonderful care of you.

Don’t be so desperate to get your book published that you self-publish or else risk your entire life’s work for companies who may not even take care of you. They may say that they do when you first walk in, but you never know on whether or not they’re truly trustworthy unless you risk it. You DESERVE to be taken care of by publishing companies who WILL help you get published, but that can ONLY come through literary agents! Literary agents help you become published and successful. Don’t give up. Trust in the literary agents, and perfect your writing work and query letter in such a way for that to happen. Then, once you are accepted, the hardest work is over and you’ll be on your way to a beautiful writing career as an author.

Fight your entire heart and soul for your cherished work. That’s what you truly deserve is respect and honesty, and the devil is fluently involved in destroying it otherwise. No matter what anyone ever says or does, your treasured work is perfect and incredibly worth a literary agent who will take care of it with every bone in their body. God has blessed you with this talent of writing, painting, etc not to see it go to waste, but to bring you to a career that you will love and adore the rest of your life – all because you made the right decision and chose literary agent representation.

Happy Writing! 🙂 Have a good March, everyone 🙂



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