3 February 2017

Hello, everyone,


I am nearly done editing my YA suspense novel, Hush, Don’t Tell. I am soooooo excited about telling this beautiful story! You can read more about my epic book idea HERE, but it’s basically about five teenagers who all, individually and in their own times, hold a particular secret that is the key to a stunning betrayal. Below, I am going to outline more of each character to get you all interested in the story. This story will pertain to young adults who understand the dark, humorous, exciting, and sometimes even boring high school drama. The setting of the book is in the small, fictional town of Burton, Wyoming, in their senior year. So much is going to happen within nine months of high school, dark elements that none of them will ever forget. Sit back and enjoy, and don’t forget to follow my page on Twitter HERE.


  • Mike Bain – 19; lanky and awkward guy with sandy brown hair and hazel eyes; best friend of fugitive Ben Martin; trusted ally; very funny, the life of the party, and excellent secret keeper; oldest in his family, but an only child after his younger sister, Allison, was hit by a car when she was three; as an adult, his career is a contractor.


  • Cassie Dawson – 18; petite with pixie cut short auburn hair and green eyes; best friend of Jessica Olsen; trusted ally; overly emotional at times but very sweet and kind; excellent secret keeper; only child; her parents are divorced, but she lives with her mother even though she prefers her father; as an adult, her career is a dental hygienist.


  • Thomas Olsen – tall with graying dark brown hair and a bushy mustache with brown eyes; husband to Katherine Olsen; father to Noah, Jessica, and Elizabeth Olsen; medical doctor; quiet but stern; prefers to skip sleep to study medical information in his home office.


  • Katherine Olsen – tall with shoulder-length, strawberry red hair and blue eyes; wife to Thomas Olsen; mother to Noah, Jessica, and Elizabeth; medical nurse and partners with her husband at the Burton, Wyoming hospital; overprotective of her children; very nosy and a great secret-keeper; she’s also great at keeping secrets from those who deserve to know.


  • Noah Olsen – 22; tall with short and curly, dark brown hair and blue eyes; college sophomore at Wyoming University in Cheyenne with an undecided major; oldest child & son of Thomas and Katherine Olsen; brother to Jessica and Elizabeth Olsen; visits home once a month because he loves spending time with his family; great secret-keeper; goes from girlfriend to girlfriend a lot; very funny; very supportive.


  • Jessica “Jess” Olsen – 19; identical twin sister to Elizabeth Olsen, and sister to Noah Olsen; oldest daughter of Thomas and Katherine Olsen; has shoulder-length, honey blond hair and blue eyes; best friend to Cassie Dawson; tomboy and an average high school student with average grades; loves spending time with her boyfriend, Ben Martin, and telling him what to do all the time; she enjoys playing sports, especially basketball and volleyball; she can be very impatient at times and very jealous; she likes to make plans and be rebellious.


  • Elizabeth “Lizzie” Olsen – 19; identical twin sister to Jessica Olsen, and sister to Noah Olsen; oldest daughter of Thomas and Katherine Olsen; has long, honey blond locks and blue eyes; is very shy and quiet, but is a straight-A-student; has secret feelings for Ben Martin, even though he’s in a relationship with her sister and she tries her hardest not to have them; she prefers to read novels and study hard for her classes instead of gossiping about others during the school day like her friends do; she doesn’t believe she has any friends; she’s closer with her brother than Jess is; she’s very weak, but very strong; suffers from the beginnings of stomach cancer; God is the #1 priority in her life.


  • Benjamin “Ben” Martin – 19; main character; only child to traveling real estate agents Walter & Claire Martin; very popular in high school; boyfriend to Jessica Olsen; straight-A student; very kind, smart, and funny man; tall and slender with dark brown hair and brown eyes; best friend to Mike Bain; takes his faith in God seriously and as the #1 priority in his life; is having second thoughts about marrying Jess Olsen one day, even though he’s been thinking of proposing for months; will one day end up in prison for a terrible crime.


Have a good week! 🙂


JMK~ 🙂