September 1, 2016

Hello everyone 🙂

Hope everyone has had a good week.

Inside the picture above you, you will see an image that represents the season of autumn – at first glance. At second glance, you will see something altogether different. Every leaf within this picture is different. Each leaf is unique in its own way. They may a different color, different shape, or different size. But each leaf has its own story. It’s been to only places that leaf has been to. The wind has taken each one of them in different directions, only to land them on this wooden platform. Just think of the people each leaf has breezed past in the wind, of the people who stepped on them, picked up and cherished, or simply been gazed at as it hung healthy on a tree.

There is way too much hatred in the world today – by that, I mean, the horrible things I see on the news. People are unkind to their neighbors. There’s way too much violence. It’s getting worse by the day. And there’s one thing that stands out from all of that – people are so unique in their own ways and personalities that others become “too different” and because of that, it is therefore unacceptable.

Last night in Wednesday night Bible class, we learned about the disciple, Stephen. According to Acts 7, he was criticized deeply, even to the point of death, by the religious leaders at the time, only because he was sticking up for the Gospel and the facts that Christ truly had existed. It is a beautiful but sad testimony. But what did Stephen do? Did he become angry and use harsh words? No. Instead, he remained calm and focused, standing up for what God taught in His Word. It’s beautiful.

Do you ever see a group of little kids cross the street or play together on the playground? Each little person has their own unique styles and personalities. While one will find hobbies of writing and painting, others will learn and understand mathematics through accounting unlike anybody else could. One kid may one day find the cure to cancer, while still others discover that they don’t mind that job at Wal-Mart after all. Or perhaps they will work as a custodian, enjoying the work simply because of the people they work with on a daily basis.

You see, everybody has their own unique styles and ways of doing things. Each person has their own hobbies they prefer, while others may think of those hobbies as silly or a waste of time. My point is – be your own person in your own style of your hobbies and talents, and don’t you ever let anyone else tell you otherwise. Act upon those hobbies, passions, and talents that make you uniquely you and creative in your own beautiful way. As long as they coincide with being appropriate in God’s eyes as read in His Word, and don’t let others pull you down. There’s too much negativity and hatred in the world today. Too many people are competing to be more or less than somebody else. Or else they make fun of others simply because that hobby or style is “weird” or “different.” All I can ask you is, when you’re old, what are you going to think about your past life? Will God see it as a good life when you stand before Him one day? Will you say that you’ve lived a happy and fulfilling life?

We should be just like Stephen. There should be Stephens everywhere today in our lives, full of kindness, love, calm, focus, and immense courage to be their own person. And, we should teach our children and our children’s children to act the same way. Don’t tell the kind of story that might show up on the news or would be frowned upon by God, Who is always watching. Tell the kind of story that will warm others’ hearts and make your own heart truly happy. Hold tight to your love for God and others, and hold tight to your hobbies and talents, for they have become who you are, and who you are is your character and livelihood. Live a beautiful, wonderful life.

Enjoy your week, everyone 🙂

JMK~ 🙂