Ratings are Important 

Hello everyone,

When you buy my book, THE MAGIC SUITCASE: MARTHA, or even if you plan to purchase it, please don’t forget to give it a good rating below on Amazon:

Ratings are so important. They help with good sales and help new authors thrive. I appreciate honest feedback, but lately I’ve received bad reviews from reviewers who on Goodreads admitted they didn’t even read the book. Such feedback is cruel and is no help to a new author, especially when they’ve worked so hard on a project only to see their dreams become a reality. Remember the Golden Rule, folks, and please be kind always. Thank you 🙂 
Have a good week 🙂


10 thoughts on “Ratings are Important 

  1. I’m sorry you had some bad reviews. It hurts! But authors tell me they ignore their reviews, good and bad. After all, the reviews aren’t for them, but for other readers.

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      1. Thank you! But I hope you understand if I say no. I want to support bookstores as well as authors. I will buy your book once I can find it in my local stores.

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      2. I saw your comment about finances, and I’m surprised! The publisher is supposed to take care of getting your books into the stores, not you. Just like they pay for cover art, and publicity, and all the rest.

        Wishing all the good luck in the world with your book,

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  2. I’m sorry you had a few bad reviews. It hurts! But a bad review is just as honest as the good ones. Reviews aren’t for authors, after all. They’re for other readers.

    So ignore reviews, good and bad. Just focus on making your next book even better.

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