15 June 2016

Hello everyone,

Update: look for it in stores this weekend

TODAY IS THE DAY!!!!! Today is the day that my fabulous YA fantasy book, “The Magic Suitcase: Martha” is officially published! I want you all to look for it on Amazon, Smashwords, and online at Barnes & Noble first, review it on Netgalley.com, and continue checking out my website blog for exciting updates and news as everything gradually occurs.

You can check out the menu above for more info, but here’s the book’s summary:

Martha Jackson, a 13-year old New Zealander in 1906, is a normal, happy girl who loves her father’s stories, and dislikes her younger sister. Then, Martha’s simple, happy life is shattered with the brutal murder of her father. The joy and laughter he gave to their family was gone—or was it?

Martha’s mother, Marilyn, has a secret. For many years, their father has hidden what appears to be a normal suitcase. However, within the luggage is a time-traveling portal that Martha and her sister, Alice must use to unravel the mystery of their father’s murder and unlock the secrets of their mother’s past in order to save their family.

The Magic Suitcase is a heartwarming story of faith, love, and courage where a simple traveling bag is the family’s only hope amidst a legacy they will never forget.


Doesn’t that sound amazing?! I am so deeply thankful to God, first and foremost, for this amazing talent of writing and becoming an author for the very first time. Secondly, I am extremely grateful to my husband, Ryan, and our close friends and family for being such a huge encouragement and support system to this work.


I plan to post in this blog as often as possible in promoting my book, but now, it is up to you. Share this book of legend with your family, friends, and neighbors. Read it for yourself, and then buy it on your phones, Kindles, and Nooks before it becomes in print (POD) in a month or so. Share with everyone you know about this wonderful story of a girl who saves her family. May God the bless the adventure myself and this book will now encounter!


Thank you all in advance for your immense support and devotion! I will keep you posted as events unfold.


Have a good week,


JMK~ 🙂


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    1. It’ll be available online first though 🙂 it’ll be in print 2-3 weeks from now. I’ll keep y’all posted regarding that, but yay!! I’m so excited for you to read it 😊😊


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