What Being a Custodian Has Taught Me

Hello everyone, 

I apologize for not writing in here for a few weeks. It’s been crazy busy for me. But yesterday was my official last day at doing custodial work, because I’ve moved onto better horizons. I spent 8 months working at a private school, and now I’ve come to tell you what I’ve learned from it. I was in charge of cleaning and organizing the entire middle school. It’s hard but good work. In fact, I enjoyed it. You may hear a lot of criticism about custodians / janitors. But you need them more than you think. 

What I’ve learned:

1. It’s job security. 

This job provided me with work for a short period of time, and although I hadn’t done it before or had experience, I became quite good at it. I’m a fast learner, so I learned the ups and downs, where everything was located, became acquainted with my very own custodial closet, and got a nice ring of keys.

2. Teenage kids can be little demons.

Kids will show no mercy. They’ll middy up the floors on purpose, barf in places like in a bathroom where a toilet or garbage can is five feet away, abandon school books in random places, spit gum on the floor, miss on the toilet and urinel, never flush, drop juice on the floor, leave leftover milk and juice in the trash, throw food on cafeteria floors, etc. 

3. You’ll lose weight.

I didn’t even need to lose weight when I started, but I ended up losing 30 pounds.

4. You’ll be appreciated.

I always received compliments while working there. 

5. You’ll be so paranoid about how your work looks that you’ll master it to perfection. 

6. You’ll look at the students’ artwork on the walls while you clean.

7. Cleaning bathrooms isn’t so bad.

For me, I always listened to music, which helped immensely in the process. But once you clean a bathroom a thousand times, you’ll know more about it than your bathrooms at home.

8. You’ll have more free time. 

Since I worked the evening shifts, my mornings were free, which caused me to easily write a whole novel, edit it, and submit it to be published.

9. The little things matter.

Such as the teachers putting the chairs onto the desks, taking out trashes for you, etc, it means a lot. Especially when you’ve got enough on your plate. 

10. You’ll miss it when you leave for good.

I got choked up yesterday when I left. In the end, it’s not about the bad, disgusting  stuff I saw in a day. It was much more than that. It was cleaning your place to perfection for 8 months. I got to know every nook and cranny of the place. I could stroll through the place blindfolded. It was a job that I enjoyed, and in the end, one I’ll always say I’m proud I had it. 

Have a good week 🙂

JK 🙂


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