Hello everyone,


I love the song, “Letter to Me” by Brad Paisley. Except for one lyric in the beginning, it’s pretty spot-on as far as telling your younger self to not worry or be afraid, that everything will come out right in the end. Makes me wish I could’ve read a letter of my twenty-seven year old self to myself at age sixteen or seventeen, when I was worrying about stuff I’m not concerned about anymore. It really makes you think about how precious life is, that life really isn’t about worrying or being afraid, and doing so doesn’t get you very far in life. It all comes out well in the end in accordance with God’s divine will.


It’s been ten years this year now since I’ve been a high school graduate, and six years since I’ve been a college graduate. Therefore, since it is the month of May, I will write a letter instead to all of those graduates for this month, and I encourage you all to share this with someone you know who is graduating from high school, college, or a higher degree this month. I know I’m only 27, but by now I’ve learned a lot and enough where I can essentially give some great advice to those graduates way younger than I am.


Dear Graduates:


What you’re worried about right now won’t matter. Are you wanting that graduation day to go well and smoothly? Don’t worry. Are you wishing that guy or girl to notice you? Don’t worry. Are you wanting nothing but to make your parents proud? Don’t worry. Because it’ll all work out fine in the end.


High school graduates: college isn’t about partying and having the time of your life. It isn’t about getting straight A’s. It’s about striving to do your best, discover who you truly are, and making your college career one that you will never regret. In college, don’t worry so much about dating. Don’t worry, period. Focus on doing well in college and enjoying your career, and then, everything else will fall into place. Choose a major that will not only make you happy, but where you will enjoy your classes, because college should all be about that. If you enjoy your classes, you’ll appreciate your professors. And if you appreciate your professors, you’ll get more and more excited about your major. But this is very important: research everything you can about the major. Does it excite you? Or is it only something that will pay the bills? Go to college for your true passion and love in life. Don’t go for something that may fit well with somebody else. Also, you will have a combination of good and bad dorm roommates. Seek out the good in the bad roommates, because after all, there is good in all people, and despite your limited space, one day you’re sometimes going to wish you were still in college studying for finals and such instead of facing the real world.


College graduates: that graduation day was great, wasn’t it? It sure was. The speeches, the degree in your hands, the thought that it’s time to start job searching for a career in your degree you now have. Surprise yourself with the passions that you have, and if you are unsure, trust me, it’s okay to find a career that you didn’t go to school for. People will ask you why you made that choice of a job that you have, and why you’re not finding a job in your degree. Ignore these people, or tell them that you enjoy what you do, and your degree will help you get into all kinds of jobs, because employers love college degrees. Even if you have a college degree in science and decide to be something completely different, it’s okay. Find a career that excites you and that you enjoy. If it’s within your degree, great. If it’s not, don’t worry about it. Life is all about discovering your passions in life, and if you have a job that you love and that pays the bills, nothing else matters.


Choose a spouse who will make a good mate, who will bring out the best in you. Let them get to know you to the point where they know you better than you know your own self, but it’ll benefit you incredibly. Make sure they love you unconditionally, and let the man be the Christian leader of the home and family breadwinner. Don’t think that you need to change them, because you never will. Accept their flaws if they have any, and learn to love every part of your spouse’s heart, body, mind, and soul. Fall in love with each other all over again every day, and do little things for them that will make them smile or make their day. Make sure you talk about all important decisions: family, children, careers, etc. BEFORE you marry. Marriage is all about sacrifices, but more than that, it’ll be the best decision you’ll ever make.


Adopt a pet to change their life. Volunteer, and find hobbies you believe you won’t like. If you end up liking them, it’ll be a blessing. If you don’t, it’ll be a learning experience. But all in all, in the busyness of life, don’t forget your parents and grandparents. Call them and talk to them as often as you can. Make sure you always end with an “I love you,” because we are never guaranteed tomorrow. They will age faster when you are busy in the worries of life, and before you know it, they’re gone. So appreciate them while you have them here with you. Nothing is important as making sure you keep constant contact with those loved ones. Yes, your career and family is important. But don’t forget about them, for they were the ones who brought you life.


Make sure to enjoy your life, and appreciate every day the blessings God gives you. Oh, and most importantly, above all things, learn to read and study the Bible every day. Focus on the words God gives you, and discover what they really mean. Let go of everything else and become a born-again Christian. Obey the Gospel. God is holding you by the hand; he will lead you through the trials of life and always be your greatest Friend. Count on him and trust Him deeply, for He will never let you down.


Best of luck, Graduates 🙂