Hey everyone,


One of my most favorite Bible stories of all time is about Joseph. When I was in high school in eleventh grade, I was in the chorus for our high school’s spring musical, “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.” Not only were the lyrics catchy, but they were right on. They clearly told the story of how Joseph gradually arose to become second-in-command to Pharaoh. He’d encountered many a trial and challenge. His older brothers had sold him as a slave and then lied to their father about it; then, when he found a master he enjoyed working for, he was wrongly accused of having an affair with the master’s wife; he was thrown in prison where he would remain there for two full years before Pharaoh would have mysterious dreams that needed to be interpreted. Once they were interpreted by Joseph, Pharaoh made him second-in-command.


Much like Paul from the New Testament, do you ever witness Joseph complaining about his circumstances? Not ever. Imagine the hurt and betrayal he felt about his brothers, his own flesh and blood, selling him to the Ishmaelites for money. They’d wanted to get rid of him because he’d been their father’s favorite son. Imagine the shock and desperation he’d felt when he’d been wrongly accused of having an affair with his master’s wife. Imagine the hurt he’d felt for being thrown in prison and staying there for two years, even though the chief jailer had made him in charge of all the other prisoners.


People can look at this situation two different ways. One group of people may look at how Joseph kept on having problems and God wasn’t good to him. But the other people may see how God WAS good to Joseph. He took care of him always. He made sure he had a good master, where he’d become leader of the household. Then, the chief jailer had entrusted in him to be the person who overlooked all the other prisoners. He was a leader in these two situations, which gave him experience in being a leader over Egypt one day. What a high priority! Pharaoh saw something in Joseph that nobody else did: the means to build his kingdom and make Egypt prosper. And all that just for Joseph interpreting Pharaoh’s dreams!


Lately, all I’ve wanted so badly is for my dreams to come true. That’s all I want. But every day, they keep getting farther and farther away and it’s hard to keep the faith. Hard, but not impossible, though. Just like Joseph never gave up, I refuse to give up as well. I think that God gave us such Bible examples like the Joseph story to remind us to never give up. Keep trying and doing your best, and God will do the rest!


Have a good weekend, everyone. 🙂