March 10, 2016

Hello everyone,


Last night on my drive home from work, I was flipping through the radio channels, and found a classic: “Rhinestone Cowboy” sung by Glen Campbell. What a legend. I turned up the volume right away. My sisters and I grew up to this music. My dad often sang it at home, and he and my mom enjoyed the man’s music. We knew every lyric.


But it was perfect timing. It was a song I needed to hear desperately, and I hadn’t known it until that moment. It reminded me of home, but more than that, it reminded me on what truly mattered. Lately, I’d been ridiculed, harassed, and criticized by online strangers who know nothing about me as a writer, so easily doubt my writing and editing abilities without getting to know me, and never give me a chance. They’re the kind who don’t want to have an open mind, who don’t want to hear me out.


When I was in college, such legendary songs on the radio gave me comfort, reminded me of my roots. I come from a big family, and am a down to earth Christian country girl and proud of it. I was raised on a sheep ranch. My sisters and I brought sheep, chickens, and rabbits to the county fair and won. We cleaned after them, loved them, cared for them, and sometimes got annoyed with them. But these animals were the heart and soul of the farm. We literally delivered lamb babies, mourned with the ewes when they lost a baby, and cared for them like they were our children. Such roots has caused me to be a strong willed person and find God’s blessed mercy and love through it all.


I adore having social media followers. The immense support means everything to me. But comments I receive must be the kind you’d receive from a friend. Remember the golden rule: treat others the way you’d like to be treated. If that’s not the case, your comment will be deleted and sent to spam. Nobody needs to be a victim of those type of remarks that aren’t encouraging and that doesn’t build another up.


Earlier in this blog post, I mentioned that Glen Campbell’s song reminded me of what truly mattered. What truly matters is having a husband, friends and family, even social media followers, who do believe in you no matter what, who never doubt your potential. That’s the kind of support I plan to carry with me till my dying day, because negativity will never prosper in the end, and we will all have to give an account to God one day.