Modesty is the Best Policy

Hello everyone,


Superbowl Sunday is always fun. Since I’ve known my darling husband, I’ve been a fan of football. Our favorite team is the Patriots, but since they didn’t win the championship this year, we were cheering for the Panthers. My favorite part of the Superbowl is the hilarious commercials. I love laughing, especially when it’s surrounded by my friends and family.


Everything about Superbowl Sunday last Sunday was excellent – up until the half-time show. I enjoyed listening to Coldplay, after all, I love their songs and think they’re a great band. I even enjoyed seeing Bruno Mars. I don’t like all of his music, since his type of music isn’t really my style. I don’t really like Beyonce’s music either, but only because it’s not really my style. Between Coldplay and Bruno Mars, however, at least they knew how to dress for the half-time show, whereas Beyonce did not.


Don’t get me wrong – I have nothing against Beyonce personally. I’m sure she’s a great woman who is a wonderful wife and mother. That’s evident through media photos. She’s also beautiful and has great hair. BUT – the Superbowl is supposed to be a family show, and how she was dressed was inappropriate. Everything about her performance could’ve been 100% better if she’d been wearing pants, or a long skirt instead. I’m a Christian woman, certainly, but I also know the thoughts of a man. Beyonce may have thought she looked appropriate, and every other woman who is a fan of hers may have too. But perhaps you may not realize that when men see how she’s dressed, well, the right kind of man should be disgusted and appalled like those in my living room were that she’d dress like that. But there are also those men who want to make their eyes happy with what they see. She was showing off her legs and was dressed in her underwear pretty much, everything men want to see. She’s beautiful, has great legs – do you have any idea the thoughts of lust going through a man’s mind at that moment? She presented an image that caused many men watching her to have lustful thoughts.


The Bible says that any man who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart. Ladies, please dress modestly. The Bible also says that the beauty of a woman is a quiet, reverent faith toward God. You should not dress in a way that could be displeasing to God. Not only that, but it will attract the wrong kind of man. The man shouldn’t have lustful thoughts about you already when he asks you out. You should present to him a modest and respectable image, which means that you should make sure your shirt isn’t showing off more skin than need be, and also that your skirt or shorts aren’t too short to show off too much skin down there. It’s simple: if you’re showing off too much skin, chances are you are not dressed appropriate enough for going out. If I had a daughter, I would have told her to leave the room until the half-time show was over. No young girl needs to see how Beyonce is dressed. That is not being a true role model, and that is not modest dressing. Most of all though, that is not pleasing to God, and we should please God first and foremost rather than our own hearts and feelings and emotions. Doing so, we will live a happy, satisfied, and content life, for nobody can make us as happy and loved as God can.


Have a good week!