God Has a Special Plan For You

Hello everyone,


I hope everything has been going well for you lately. These past two weeks have been difficult for me, but with God as my help I shall not fear. I lost something very important to me, something I never thought I’d lose, and because I lost it, except for being with my husband, I felt like I was in a wandering land – being in a wanderer. I felt like I was going for days without food or water, without true nourishment. I confess that I’ve doubted God’s goodness and plan for my life even when I shouldn’t have, and I’ve felt that God has let me down. Then, I took on a completely different path, a path where I only see my husband for a limited time Monday through Friday. I felt like I’d sort of lost it, that I had no true ambition in life, that my life was worthless, and wondered how much more unbearable life must be. This has been truly been the ultimate test of faith ever from God. I felt sorry for myself when I shouldn’t have. The words “be content” made me angry. I was defeated.


But not all hope is lost – as you can see from all the present tense verbs I used here.


I recently read this short article on Facebook about this young woman who is about my age – 27 – and she was a coffee barista. She said that at first she wasn’t fond of the work, although I love coffee so I’m not sure why it wouldn’t be a cool job, and she said that gradually she had to learn something very important. She learned that God had blessed her with this job not just to pour coffee and provide orders for customers on a daily basis, but to show the truth of God’s love by smiling and being a happy, fun person to talk with. People may start their day on the bad side, and getting that coffee every morning may be their saving grace. But if you give one person a happy, fun side to life, they will want to be like that too and change their life attitudes.


I confess that I still am a work in progress. We all are. But as I sit before you today typing this, I’m going to tell you that today I choose to be content and happy with what I have. Life may not all be sunshine, flowers, and bubbles – but if you choose to live it a certain way, you’ll be a lot more successful and happier too. This different path in life has made me question God’s plan for me, but instead of doubting His goodness now, I’m choosing on trusting Him. He has a wonderful plan for my life, as He does for each and every one of you. I’m thinking that maybe God brought me down this different path to cause me to have a ton of more time to be a freelance writer and editor, something I went to college for in which I absolutely love. I’ll do that in the mornings. After all, a wise college professor once told me to go to school for what I have a passion for. That’s exactly what I did, and I haven’t regretted it since. I was once a Mass Communications major where I’d be doing news reporting. But I didn’t like any of the classes nor did I excel at any of them. Therefore, I changed my major to English, and I became a million times happier because of it. I left college knowing that such jobs under that major are difficult to find, especially in smaller cities where we live. Today, I see a ton of friends who have found their dream career and I am happy for them.


But I have also found my dream career: freelance author. I’ve found a publishing company that I love, and because of this different path, I have more time to run errands, be a homebody, and more time to understand God better. Even though I don’t get to see my husband as often as I’d like, since we no longer spend weekday evenings together, I’m thankful of our happy marriage and that I have the best and most encouraging and supportive husband in the entire world!


Who knows, maybe God has a bigger plan for my life. Who knows what God has in store. But, folks, I write this blog post to you today with the confidence that it’ll give you encouragement and hope. Don’t give up and don’t let your wanderings lead you into depression or confusion. Just trust God and have faith. Everything will work out for the best.


Stay tuned for a future surprise! It’ll more than likely be in my next blog post next month, so stay tuned, everyone!


Everyone, have a fun, happy, and safe holiday season! God bless!