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Martha Jackson, a 13-year old New Zealander in 1906, is a normal, happy girl who loves her father’s stories, and dislikes her younger sister in her hometown. Then, Martha’s simple, happy life is shattered with the brutal murder of her father. The joy and laughter he gave to their family was gone—or was it?

Martha’s mother, Marilyn, has a secret. For many years, their father has hid what appears to be a normal suitcase. However, within the luggage is a time-traveling portal that Martha and her sister, Alice must use to unravel the mystery of their father’s murder and unlock the secrets of their mother’s past in order to save their family.


            The Magic Suitcase is a heartwarming story of faith, love, and courage where a simple traveling bag is the family’s only hope amidst a legacy they will never forget.

Hello everyone. The girl above is what you may think about with the girl mentioned in my debut novel coming soon February 2016: “The Magic Suitcase”! The girl’s name is Martha, and she has been instructed by her mother, Marilyn, to jump into a magic suitcase to save her life – both her and her sister.

Meanwhile, look below to a mysterious England manor, and think about the secrets mulling inside there from Marilyn Jackson’s past!

James Manor

What an intriguing thought that such a life could exist in such a novel. The genre is inspirational suspense and the mystery is right there in front of you.

The inspiration: a dream.

Join me in welcoming “The Magic Suitcase” to the table! Help me in making it the best and most inspirational and exciting suspense novel of the decade!

You never know where a simple brown suitcase may take you on your journey on Earth…

What clues will the young girls, Martha and Alice discover to their mother’s past in seeking answers to why their father was murdered?

What will be the shocking ending that will blow you away?

What excitement awaits you, with surprise after endless surprise, as you dive into this intriguing novel?

Find out February 8, 2016! And make sure to tell all of your friends!


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