Being Patient as a Knit-Wit

Hello, everyone,

I’m sure we all have noticed the cool changes I’ve been making to my website lately 🙂 I hope everyone is loving as much as I am. Dark green is the new “awesome,” don’t you all agree??

I’ve been thinking lately, as always (and no, the big announcement hasn’t come yet; see my website sidebar for more details), and I’ve come to the decision that instead of beginning my knitting projects in the fall like I usually do, I’ll start them this summer! Knitting is so much fun, so why put off one of my favorite hobbies for then when I can do it now?!

Today, my husband and in-laws and myself stopped at a cheap furniture place. They have the nicest stuff on sale for cheap. Like, a cedar chest that doesn’t have a single scratch on it is on sale for only $100. Really! Who knew such nice stuff could be on sale for so cheap. I am thankful for such places. After all, then we will not have to buy expensive items and virtually waste our money.

But anyway, we found an old spinning wheel when we were there, and I was like, “Wow!” You see such items mainly only in old movies. “Sleeping Beauty” was in a big rave about it, LOL. I had also seen it at a knitting studio in town, though, and was instantly curious. Why still use such an ancient contraption in today’s tech-savvy world? I want one.

Remember that scene in “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” when Harry was studying the scarf of yarn being knitted magically by itself? Well, sometimes I wish I can have that happen for me. I get so impatient with knitting sometimes, mainly because I do not have the patience to sit through an entire ordeal of figuring out the situation of knit vs purl, different sized needles to use, etc. Well, I’ve decided that since I taught myself this hobby to begin with, I am just going to stick with it and learn new items and new knitting designs this summer! Yay!

I already have a ton of stuff I am busy with, folks. I have a husband and two cats, a home, a job, am of course a writer who devotes time daily to do it, play piano, teach Sunday school, construct the church bulletin, as well as extra projects as needed. I am one busy girl. I know this Big Surprise will make me much, much busier, too, which I am very certain I will love.

So I suppose I am writing this blog post to say, quite simply, expect much more exciting things coming from me soon! 🙂 These things associated with knitting project fun, as opposed to only writing, although that is still fun, too. 😉 Oh, and it’s my birthday on Monday. Not trying to brag or anything, though. Birthdays only come once a year, after all. It is just exciting. 🙂

Have a good week, everyone. 🙂