Hint #1: New Zealand

May 20, 2015

Hello everyone,

There is exciting news coming super duper soon, within only a few short days! But before I announce this Big Surprise, I’m going to give you all 3 major hints.

The first hint is: New Zealand.

Why New Zealand?

Not very long ago, I wrote a 81,000-word novel, The Magic Suitcase. As you can see in my Debut Novel page, this story is basically about two young girls whose father has recently been mysteriously murdered. Their mother won’t share who it is that killed their father, for their own protection. Then, Martha and Alice come across this magical suitcase. Just imagine – early 1900s folks seeing something completely supernatural come into their midst! Just think how incredibly shocking that would’ve been to see something magical and supernatural develop before their very eyes! It’d definitely be something beyond their wildest dreams! 🙂

Well, the setting of The Magic Suitcase is New Zealand. So once again, the question is:

Why New Zealand?

Well, why not? How often do you hear of a story based in one of the smallest countries in the world? Especially in the early 1900s? I did extensive research of New Zealand and discovered that there was a small coal-mining town named Reefton back in those days, which still exists to this day. The novel is set in that same town in New Zealand. When I had my dream that brought up this entire story idea in the first place, I remember how the story was also based in New Zealand there!

New Zealand is a stunning, beautiful continent with jaw-dropping landscapes and mountains galore. New Zealand deemed the perfect place for such a magical story.

So with all of that said, as hint #1 represents: New Zealand. What does the big surprise have to do with New Zealand??????

You’re all more than welcome to say your own guesses, but nothing will be yet revealed for several days still, at least. In the mean time, as time grows closer, I’ll be writing these hints in blog posts that will come several times this week, into early next week possibly. It all depends on how long the Big Surprise takes in its magical, beautiful, transcendent ride to arrive. But I am patient, and I know all of my wonderful fans will be, too. 😉

Happy Writing and have a great week, everyone. 🙂

JMK~ 🙂


4 thoughts on “Hint #1: New Zealand

  1. New Zealand isn’t a continent, small or otherwise. You might be confusing NZ with Australia, which is the smallest continent. They are not the same place.

    NZ also has a thriving literary scene. Eleanor Catton’s book ‘The Luminaries’ won the 2013 Booker Prize. If you haven’t read any Kiwi books, you might be familiar with films set there such as ‘The Whale Rider’ (based on a novel by Witi Ihimaera), ‘Once Were Warriors’ (based on Alan Duff’s novel) and ‘The Piano’ (which won a shedload of awards including three Oscars).

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    1. I am excited about your news!!!

      And I’m sorry to disagree with you but Zanclus is right. New Zealand is an island country not a continent. (Just like Iceland!)

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