The Life of a Cat 

Hello everyone,

I will soon have exciting new writing adventures to share with you,

imagebut until then I’ll entertain you with “my children.” Hope you enjoy this story as well as the pictures. 🙂 Have an enjoyable week, everyone! I hope to talk to you before the week is through! 🙂



Meow, this is Lefty,

I’m the eldest and the laziest kitty you know. I love to play with Brother and my toys. I enjoy hiding from him so I can surprise him with a pounce.

I often get annoyed with Mom. Dad is pretty nice, but Brother likes him lots better. I often have to snap at Mom to show her how much I love human food, but she doesn’t like that.

Snuggles with Mom are the best. I enjoy curling up right by her face so I can hear her breathe and giggle with Dad. It’s rather soothing. If she gets up too soon though, I get rather cranky. But otherwise I consider myself a happy kitty.

Meow, Felix here,

Food is my favorite thing. Food is why I get up every morning. Food, food, food. I always get in trouble looking for food. Digging into the trash is the best. There is always good stuff in there. Cat food is okay, but human food is better.

I enjoy watching Mom and Dad make food. I don’t care much about hot stoves as long as I get food. Brother is fun, but food is more exciting.

Did I mention I love food?

Mom is nice but I love Dad more. I enjoy snuggling with him, licking his head and biting his arm. His skin tastes so good.

All for now,

The cats