The Blessing of True Love in Writing

Hello everyone,

I know I’m a bit late 🙂 but this should be a good Valentine’s Day post.

I have a wonderful true love who gave me flowers and a sweet necklace 🙂 Our cats destroyed the flowers, but I kept the necklace. I also got some gifts from my parents and inlaws.

Valentine’s Day is always fun. My husband proposed on that day two years ago. Each of us celebrates in our own way. Us, we had a nice dinner at home, had cake, watched Titanic, and drank some sparkling pomegranate juice.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, haha, but I am a true romantic at heart. After suspense novels, I enjoy the heartwarming stories of romance and a man and a woman getting together. It’s rather exciting to see that treasure found by someone special. Your heart knows that he is the one, and et cetera.

But all gooey and golden things aside, true love doesn’t need to be just by your spouse. Maybe you have a special friend or two or several or a whole room-size of friends who are is your true love, someone who understands you just the way you want to be understood. If you are like me, your first and foremost true love is God. Or maybe its your kids, your pets, or the stranger that you help serve food to in charity houses and homeless shelters.

A true love can be anything you love and desire above anything else. I’ve seen all kinds of it, in music, and even in my own writing. I write true love stories for a living. That is my freelance writer life. I enjoy finding creative ways for a couple to get together, and I also enjoy reading about them. Why, you ask? Well, simply because I truly believe, in my heart of hearts, that each and every unique person of the world truly deserves someone or something (as in, their passions, talents, etc.) to hold onto to be their forever purpose. My forever purpose is serving the Lord and serving my husband, and then, of course, being a freelance writer and well-known author someday. Will you help me make it possible? Those are my true loves. 🙂

What’s your true love? What did you do this Valentine’s Day?

One of the most influential people I’ve known in my life is my grandmother. Her name was Rita. I bring her up because three years ago this month, she passed away from this world. I remember her laughing a lot and as much as possible. Her second bout of breast cancer robbed her life from ours, but her memory continues to live on in my family. I could write story after story about her, her sweet and kind nature, teaching my sisters and I how to cook and bake, influencing me to take up knitting, and encouraging me in my life. She always had something to say, something to ask. Looking back, I wish that we had talked longer and played piano duets more. She’d born and raised seven children, been a farmer’s wife, and taught learning school and piano lessons for years. She was one of my inspirations. She always urged us to smile more, that we should turn our frowns upside down and live happily, that God gave us a wonderful reason for living. She lived life straight to the fullest. She made her life unforgettable.

I don’t know about you, but I want to live past age 100 if God wills. I want to show people that my long life isn’t simply in tribute of God and how healthy I work and live, but living happily. Recently I’ve chosen to let go of the negative and focus on the positive for good this time. I pray that my hard work with this will be a success.

I hope this blog post finds you all in good spirits this week 🙂