The Parallel of Fear’s Intent to Paralyze Us

Hello everyone,

By reading the title above, you may be thinking, “I already know this.” Haha. Of course you know that fear paralyzes us. It’s a natural step to living — but it shouldn’t be. Two of my favorite quotes are as seen below:

“Courage is not the absence is the fear, but the understanding that something is more important than fear. The brave may not live forever, but the cautious do not live at all.” —Princess Diairies

“Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.” —John Wayne

This afternoon, I wanted so badly to face one of my fears of donating plasma. I’ve always longed to know my blood type — after all, a blood type is part of who I am — but at the last minute, I chickened out and ended up rescheduling for a later time, just because I got there before my appointment much sooner than I’d anticipated. I ended up crying in my car because I felt so confused, scared, regretful and stupid. So, I rescheduled and this Friday at 5 pm, I WILL be at the plasma place to donate blood! I was always mainly terrified of the unknown, and also of the briefly painful prick that you get in your skin with a sharp needle. Last time, I didn’t donate because I hadn’t enough protein in my system. But on Friday, I WILL and I WILL donate no matter what it takes! I will face my fears! 🙂 I decided to blog about this today because it makes me feel good telling people, aside from God and my husband, about what I fear most. Who knows, maybe a ton of other people feel the same feeling of fear that I do.

Which leads me to one of my last books that I’ve written. In this novella, Alexis Morrow has just gone through immense grief losing her entire family to a terrible car accident. Needing something to focus on, she decides to help others with physical therapy, because then, in her mind’s eye, she may be able to feel better about herself and the terrible grief she’s currently undertaking.

Brady Landoll has been badly injured from a terrible accident, leaving him in the wheelchair. Fortunately, he can use physical therapy and according to his doctor it’s guaranteed to work, but he refuses, simply because he is stubborn and has lost complete faith in himself and God. He lost his mother in this same accident, so really, what would learning to walk again really matter when his mother is no longer there?

Alexis has remained positive throughout the entire process of her own ordeal. She’s struggled hard, but she has not lost her faith in God. So when she is hired as his caretaker for the summer by Brady’s father, she doesn’t know what to expect. He is constantly grouchy and mean, which sounds like an old grandpa compared to a guy who is supposed to be only a year older than her nineteen years of age! But gradually, with Alexis’s calm composure and patient insistence, she is able to gradually win him over to her side so she can teach him to walk and not only that, but she ends up winning over his heart to hers unexpectedly, an unexpected love.

As Alexis and Brady learn in “Healing Bridges,” fear can be very crippling. It can keep us from the very thing we want most in this life. Brady was fearful of walking again because he didn’t want to live his life without his mother. Alexis was afraid of letting go of her own fears to trust in a relationship with him, because she didn’t know what to expect. No matter how hard we try sometimes, we get disappointed in ourselves a lot or we simply just lose faith in our abilities. Lately, I’ve been nursing this crippling fear of the unknown future. I want so badly to be a stay at home mother when we have children one day, but due to financial reasons, it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. I’m scared about my future children’s spiritual and moral well being. I want to raise my children at home, not let a daycare do it for me. Besides, it’s expensive. I don’t ever want them to look back one day and say “I wish my parents had been there for me a lot more in my life,” but instead, I want them to say, “My parents worked so hard. All they wanted was the best for me and they did a wonderful job in caring for me.” Do you ever feel this way? How do you deal with it?

So everyone, as we continuously, day by day and constantly face our fears, just remember to not give up the fight. Don’t lose your eye on the goal! God has a wonderful blessed plan for your life 🙂 You just have to have the courage to let go and trust that God knows what’s best all the time. We’re all working on it because all of us are a work in progress! 🙂

Face your fears every day, and the best will come through, trust me! 🙂

Have a blessed week 🙂

JMK~ 🙂