A Blessed Marriage~

Hello everyone,

Marriage is a blessing from God. My parents raised me with that constant reminder. My mother once told me that I would be blessed in my marriage, and not only that, but when you marry, you not only marry the man you love, you marry your best friend. How should your marriage make you happy and stay life-long? First and foremost, because of God, and relying on Him daily to continuously bless our marriages as He continues to do. But also because of constant communication, honesty, showing and telling each other how much we love each other on a daily basis, and finally, be each other’s best friend.

In this novella that I wrote in college, the last thing on Millie Larsen’s mind was marriage. She was in her mid-twenties and came from a very wealthy yet standoffish family. Her parents were very strict — so strict, in fact, that they wanted her to marry into an arranged marriage. No matter how hard she tried, she would not be able to resist them. She would be marriage before her twenty-eighth birthday no matter what they said – and this is set in present times!

Can you imagine the kind of power a couple has to have over their only child to demand such a decree? That their daughter marries into an arranged marriage? I would’ve been flabbergasted, depending why the need to have an heir in the family legacy so badly. Although, God is looking out for Millie. She may have to marry into another wealthy family, but she marries a good Christian man – Tom Andersen – who is just as unhappy about this arranged marriage as she is. She’s never met the guy, he’s never met her, and this entire situation just looks bad.

But as they marry and they grow together as friends in this romance novella called “Great Kentucky,” gradually learning to count on each other and rely on one another more and more every day, they learn the secret to true marital happiness — and, in the process, they fall in love. Obstacles come along the way, threatening to tear them apart. At the end of the story, you will discover the depth of true love and what it really does for a couple. I wrote this book not just because I wanted to tell another cool romance story, but I also wanted to share and also show the true love and happiness to marriage.

One of the things I get really annoyed at is hearing about marriages, usually celebrity marriages, where it doesn’t last very long. The Kardashians are testament to that, as well as a certain king called King Henry V111 who had eight different wives with marriages that either ended in divorce or death, most of them by the beheading of his wives….ugh. It doesn’t ever seem like they understand the true secret to marriage like what I mentioned in my first paragraph. 🙂 Divorce rates are skyrocketing highly all over the nation. This is mainly due to the fact that people do not understand the secret to marriage. Marriage is forever, a blessing given by God unless in cases of adultery. And why would you even want to be with someone aside from your spouse? Why would you want to hurt the one that God has meant for you to be with for life?

You can rely on your spouse for so many things, and like all marriages, there may be ups and downs. But what do you do? You work through it and if you do so patiently and lovingly, keeping in mind selflessness and the constant ambition to see each other’s best interests, those ups and downs truly do bring you closer together. You most definitely shouldn’t give up. Every day you find another reason to love each other and admire one another. You strive to learn more about each other (and trust me, even when you’re old, you still learn stuff from one another!), and in the process, grow closer and closer. So close that you may even know the next thing your spouse says before he or she finishes saying it.

There’s one thing that I’d personally like to share. In my life, I’d never been much of a football fan. Outside of the Vikings and Packers, I hadn’t much of a clue what the football rules were or even who a lot of teams were. My mom knew a ton more than I did! But anyway, after I met my husband, I gradually began to learn more and I realized, as our relationship eventually blossomed into marriage, that it will melt your spouse’s heart and make him really happy if you learn to enjoy the same things that he does. Therefore, the more football games we watched together, the more questions I asked as I forced myself to watch the games. As I asked questions, it showed my husband my true keen interest and it both shocked him and also made him happy.

And now, I know every team in football today, most of the footballs rules, and last night when we celebrated the Super Bowl and watched our Patriots win, you wouldn’t believe how excited I was! Not just to win – but I was excited to watch the game! 🙂

I hope you all have a wonderfully blessed week 🙂

JMK~ 🙂


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  1. That is actually one of my most favorite historical periods in history because of the fact that it is so interesting. That’s an interesting speculation as well, although I’m not sure how much of a difference it would make on the US because the majority of the nation is either Protestant or Catholic anyway.

    Thank you for your comment! 🙂


    1. It would make a HUGE difference. You know that most of the original thirteen colonies were founded by England. Sure, the Pilgrims and others were dissident sects, but those sects might not have had any financial support if England were Catholic. And there would not have been as much prejudice against Catholics.

      One of these days we’ll have a Jewish or a Muslim President, and that’s how I’ll know we’ll have true religious freedom.


  2. Henry VIII (spelled with all Roman numerals and not a mix of Roman and Arabic) had six wives, not eight. Of the six, he divorced one wife and ordered two beheaded for adultery and treason. One wife died shortly after giving birth. One marriage was annulled because it was never consummated. His last wife became his widow.

    Pretty much all of this came from his pursuit for a male heir to the throne. He came to believe that God was displeased for him marrying his brother’s widow and that was why his sons by Katherine of Aragon died as infants. It’s interesting to speculate that if Henry had not broken with Rome, England and the US might be predominately Catholic instead of Protestant.

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