The Best Christmas Story ~

Happy Holidays, everyone! 🙂

In lieu of Christmas this week, I’ve decided to share my favorite Christmas story of all time.

Hope you all have a fun and blessed holiday season spending time with family and friends! 🙂 I’m excited to spend time with family and my husband and cats 🙂

By this story I hope you all remember that not everyone is able to have a happy Christmas, that we must remember those. It’s much better to give rather than receive. Here’s the story:

A small girl tightly holds 6 matches on a 1700s city street. She’s freezing and her dress and shoes and coat barely are keeping her warm. She lights one match and smiles at the warmth. But as she walks out of the alleyway the cold winter wind blows it out.

She lights two more matches, but she trips on a street corner, losing her shoes, and in the process burns out these matches.

She lights the rest of the matches. She looks through a window of a home where a happy family is serving Christmas dinner. They’re warm and snug inside and have everything they could ever ask for while she does not. She turns away sadly, and the winter wind blows out the rest of the matches.

She curls up on the icy cold sidewalks. She’s shaking and she closes her eyes.

Then, warmth comes over her. She awakens and sees an angel taking her up and up, away from the cold and bitter life to a home where she would forever be happy.

And that’s where she remains forever.