Knitting Project Finally Done!!

imageI’ve been working on my knitting project for 3 months!! I wanted it to be a beautiful shawl but it ended up being just a warm sweater 🙂 I’m excited to see the reaction of the friend I’m giving it to!

Knitting project instructions:

-any color of archaic yarn
-size 6 knitting needles

I knitted every color by tying a knot to the end of the previous yarn to switch from color to color. When finished, I sewed with yarn it together, sewed a button on it, and then sewed around the corresponding button hole to assure the hole doesn’t enlarge. Then, I sewed up any holes I’d accidentally made when knitting.

No project is perfect but I worked really hard on this project and am satisfied with the end results!! 🙂

Have a happy Christmas, everyone!! 🙂



7 thoughts on “Knitting Project Finally Done!!

      1. Aw. 🙂 That is sweet. I would gladly accept. 😀 I will do one for you too. Actually I will just copy what you will give to me lol . 🙂 So I will have a nice blueprint of what is to become yours 🙂

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