Best Book Idea Ever!! :)

Their six-member band, “Moorhouse,” has just watched one of their songs become the #1 single of the month. They’re onto their second full album.

And this time, it’s better. Purer. Divine.

Lewis knew that as lead band member, it was partly his responsibility to see that they succeed. But the more he performs next to Maurine, also known as Mar, the more he realizes how something has ultimately changed between them. He’s always on the edge, his heart pounds faster, and he definitely notices her reactions and speech and…really, just who she is, more definite than he’s ever realized before.

He’s scared and he doesn’t want anyone to know the depth of what he feels deep inside. Everything is at stake, particularly their band and their friendship as a whole band.

Then, suddenly, tables are turned. Mar is missing. She’s presumed kidnapped and now their band is fighting public control. The media keeps swarming them for answers.

Lewis feels himself breaking. His heart, his soul, everything depends on finding Mar.

Will they find her? And what’s next for this band and the lives delicately inside it?




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