Stay Alive in this Arctic Thriller!

It’s a gripping story on every page of this romance-driven, thriller novella.

Jennifer James, 18, runs away from home to an orphanage in the middle of nowhere in a brisk winter. She’s unhappy with her home life and wants an escape, so why not go somewhere with free meals and a free warm bed until she decides where to go next?

A guy named Jeffrey Lewis has the same idea. They even meet a couple friends, Carla and Dave, who are siblings and actual orphans.

But the four friends soon realize this orphanage is far from ordinary, particularly when they witness a teen’s murder!

Suddenly they plan to escape into the below-zero wilderness, intent that anywhere is safer than this place. But just as they do escape, Carla and Dave are captured, giving Jennifer and Jeffrey no choice but to go on without them.

To their luck however, eventually the two find a cave, where they stay, miles from anywhere including the orphanage. They’re risking their lives to survive, running out of bullets from the guns they stole, crossing into peril with wild animals, including a bear and a cougar, and even among themselves.

But as they rely more on each other, they fall in love, but their lives are still greatly at risk in this book called “Stay Alive.”

Hope you all had an enjoyable Thanksgiving! šŸ™‚

JMK~ šŸ™‚


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