Writing Tip: When You Want to Give Up

I stared at my computer screen in the dim light of my home office, although without seeing it. A dark blanket of red hot anger shielded my brain from concise thoughts. I gazed over to my sweet kitty sleeping in his cat bed nearby, and a hollow ache erupted inside of me.

I was on my 6th revision of my query letter. I wanted to scream. Every cell inside my body was pushing me to just give up. No matter how helpful and useful countless links and lots of different critiques were of this query, my brain just couldn’t figure out how to make this thing shine, how to come up with a good hook, how to prevent any more rejection letters from occurring.

So now I’m taking a huge break from writing and focus on knitting. The clink of my knitting needles is oddly soothing.

Tons of writers have been where I am, I’m sure. Countless writers have probably decided to give up. It’s so easy to, really. You want this book published now, so you can make money and be popular among readers. You long to see your book on that bookstore shelf.

My husband is my best encouragement with my writing. He wants to see me be a published author. Lately thus query had been the hardest thing to write in my life, ever. College papers were nothing compared to writing this. And that is saying something!

The best thing to do when u want to give up is simple: don’t. No, you may not have it down yet. But you will. Walk away from it for a while. Ponder your dreams over a hot chocolate or over some yarn and needles if you’re a knitter like me πŸ™‚ What had brought you this far? Hard work and lots of prayer! Nothing is impossible. Dark thoughts may make you feel like a quitter.

But think of it this way. Right now you are learning all the ways to write a query letter, etc that don’t work. But one day, hopefully soon, you will find that brilliant new way that WILL work! πŸ™‚

Happy Writing!



7 thoughts on “Writing Tip: When You Want to Give Up

  1. Yeah, Jenn, I hope you don’t listen to commentators like the Anonymous person who commented here; he’s a creep. You know that you can put those people in the Spam folder, right? If you need help with this, just let me know. I’m glad to see your blog is going well.:)

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  2. And comments such as the above are why some people think AbsoluteWrite, despite all the helpful advice that can be found there, is not a good place to spend their time.

    Jenna, I was one of the people who read your query and commented on AW. And I hope that anything I said was taken with the best of intentions. I would love to see your book succeed. And I 100% agree that queries are frustrating. I hope that yours is back in the running soon. Take care!

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    1. Thank you for your kind comments πŸ™‚ No, you and the nice people there are completely fine, this post was only written about the mean critics at the forums. At the end of it I don’t want to waste my time with those who are mean there. But I am still working on my query and I appreciated all your comments very much!! πŸ™‚ I love your comments here too and look forward to seeing more of them. take care too πŸ™‚


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