The Innocence of Children

Callie Sinclair is a child whose baby brother was born dead. Just like that her parents change : their once madly in love marriage is in shreds. Her mother goes crazy and her dad turns mute for over a decade to come.

All because her brother was born dead! Suddenly she’s the forgotten child, craving so badly for the deep love and adoration she once had with her parents. Then, suddenly, at 26 years old, her mother tells Callie that she would no longer be part of this family.

What an incredibly sad life. How would you feel if something this tragic happened to you?

That’s why babies are a huge gift, an incredible blessing no matter the circumstances. One day my husband and I will experience such a blessing. The very horror of killing an unborn child is horrendous. Its innocence is God’s choice, not ours.

In this novel that I wrote, Callie’s friends take her to a concert to get her mind off her sorrows. In the process she meets the lead band member who instantly wants to date her!

Imagine what that would be like! Feeling exhilaration, huge excitement and passion for the music!

But Callie has no interest at all. Immediately Tyson James has a challenge on his hands. As he gets to know her however, Callie will have a change of heart, but so will Tyson! He will find God in the process and realize what’s truly most important in his life, and it’d certainly not fame or fortune!

In this book called “Promised,” life lessons are sure to come along the way!

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