How an Amazing Group of Friends Became a Family~



Ten-year old Tim McAllen’s eyes widened as he watched his father fist out his pistol from his jeans pocket. His mother slowly backed up in the living room, her eyes wary but strong despite her constant cocaine addiction.

Did this story pitch make your heart clench with grief just thinking about this small boy’s sad life? What were the first thoughts echoing through your mind?

Do you want to learn more about this book?

Yes, folks, this is a book that is, before my current novel “The Magic Suitcase,” the longest book I’ve ever written – 270-some pages! This book contains five friends – four of them where their stories are intricately built around Tim McAllen’s character and who he is as a man.

Tim, as you can see above, led a terrible life where his parents both tragically died when he was ten years old by a murder-suicide. He was sent to live with his only relative – his alcoholic uncle who cares even less about him than his own mother had.

Uniquely similar, each of his other friends’ families treat them in similar ways. For Ava Holland, who has been in love with friend Brent Connor for years (and who also feels the same way about her), both sets of their parents are constant workaholics.

Lucy Mobley, Ava’s best friend – her father is the same way. He doesn’t know how to raise his daughter after her mother recently passed away.

Finally, there is Dan Anderson, the nerd of the group. He has stark red hair, kind of like Ron Weasley from Harry Potter. His parents never seem to be around either, and his twin sisters are as annoying as all get out.

So as these five friends struggle through their last year of high school in a book called “Montana,” (which I am open to suggestions for new titles by the way, haha), they learn a lot. Tim and Lucy realize they have feelings for each other as well, and in the end, all Tim wants is peace of mind and the down-to-earth feeling that he is truly loved in his life.

As everyone should feel, right? 🙂

Ah, high school. the place of open existence where you’re either wanted and daily praised upon – or ignored and talked about behind backs. You belong to either the prep and popular group, the nerd group, or the no-category group.

Sound familiar? 

Well, I was in the no-category group. I was quite possibly the shyest person in the entire school. I kept to myself a lot – and I had friends, but you could probably call me a hermit in those days. My husband was the same way.

Looking back, these were some of the worst days of my life. I think almost every person could agree with me. All of us have gone through high school in some form or another.

That’s why one of the secrets of living a happy life is by living each day to the fullest, forgetting about the past, and moving on to a bright and marvelously happy future! You never know what may surprise you. 😉

Well, until next week, live enjoyable and don’t forget about God’s wondrous blessings He gives you every day! 🙂


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