The Criminal Heart Is Vain – But Not In This Book!

“You always need a plan for everything, don’t you? Mr. High and Mighty? Mr. I Can Do Anything? I don’t think so.” She shook her head. “What I see is a stupid, idiotic fool!”

Harsh, right? Well, not for Sophie Williams. In this un-published romantic thriller novella I wrote several years ago, the book opens up where we find this woman standing, with tears on her face, in a park in the middle of the night! Now why would any sane woman even want to be alone in a vacant park in the middle of a night?

And to make matters worse, an old RV pulls up to the curb and five burly men – with guns – blast out of home-on-wheels to find this upset woman and immediately decide to take her with them. In other words, she is kidnapped by these men. Without much more of a warning, the men assume this woman had witnessed something ugly that they’ve unfortunately been a part of, even though she’d been too consumed in her own sad misery to know anything about what was going on about her. In an instant, she’s trapped, a cloth of chloroform is covered over her nose and mouth, and hours later, she awakes on a bed inside the RV.

These above words came directly out of Sophie’s mouth weeks after she realizes she’s fallling in love with the gang’s head hancho – Jack.

So basically by the end of the book, you’re supposed to like these terribly evil men.

By now, I bet you’re thinking – “wow, Jenna, this doesn’t sound like a great book.” Or maybe you’re wondering what would possibly cause me to pull such a plot in a book like this.

Let me point out that these men seem evil in the beginning. In the beginning, you’re voting for Sophie to completely leave the situation, be rescued, and these men will be imprisoned for their crimes of kidnapping.

But in reality, these men who are actually seemingly  bad people at first – are actually all men with really good hearts. They just don’t know it yet. 

How often do you read a book like this where it ends up with good stuff for even the bad guys? Jack, the main male character, has dealt with horrors in his life, horrors that could drive the sanest person mad. And instead of turning to God, he ends up turning to war and violence, and smart Sophie can see through his thick and dark, stubborn skin. He’s not out to hurt good people, but the bad people who caused him and his family such pain. This goes as well for all the other men in the gang. They might look scary and big and too strong for poor, petite Sophie, but as she fights against them, she teaches them very important lessons about life and ultimately and surpisingly teaches them about God, leading these burly men to become Christians, all baptized in prison.

Now isn’t that a beautiful story? Here in the beginning, these men kidnap this woman who, surprising even herself, brings about circumstances that bring these men to turn themselves into the police. But then at the end, you’re not wanting them to turn themselves in. You’re confused on whether or not it’s good that they’re in prison. It’s both good and bad.

But true love is an amazing thing. And in this book called “Changed,” where weekly, it seems, I’m constantly wondering if I should make sequels to this book about romances in the other men’s lives, Jack is let out on good behavior six years later to be reunited with his true love – Sophie.

How has terrible circumstances in your life shaped you to be a better and happier person? What exciting things have happened in your life recently? I’d love to hear them. 

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