How This Book Got It All Started

“This book wouldn’t be possible without the below list of acknowledgements.”

We see this all the time, don’t we? At the end of the book, there are the author’s acknowledgements, most important to God, since He gives us this amazing writing talent after all, then the editor and agent and publishing company for publishing the book, and then finally the long list of people who have contributed to the writer in some way in becoming a great author.

I love acknowledgements. I will use them in my own book(s) someday when they are published.

So why am I talking about acknowledgements? Because except for a professional that works with publishing and professionally editing my book, my acknowledgements are what got me started. These acknowledgements are not people like I will use one day and are used in most every end or beginning of any particular published book throughout the world.

These acknowledgements are in pure, basic paper form and what got me started so many years ago with writing – fourteen years, to be exact. Has it really been that long?? Has it really been that long since I sat down on the bottom bunk of my bouncy bunk bed, bored out of my mind, being a lazy teenager of twelve years old and having finished a Sweet Valley High paperback novel, one overly used. The cover was ragged and thin, and the pages of it were crusty and rough. There were a few brown-ish stains found throughout the book, which could possibly have been leftover food stains from my mother while reading the exact book when she’d been either the same age or a few years older.

I thought and thought and thought to myself – what in the world should I do now? What else could I possibly do to stuff my summer afternoon of some time? Call me lazy  back then, because I really was. Here was a beautiful but very hot summer afternoon. Sunshine was out, there was a slight but cool breeze, and as I gazed out my bedroom window, it suddenly came to me!

I could write my own novel!

For the next twelve or more weeks, I will be doing blog posts about most of every book that I have written since the very beginning – and yes, I do remember each and every one of them. They were pieces of art for me, after all. I will not drag on about each one of them, for some of them, in notebooks, have been thrown out. BUT, I will talk more about the ones that truly matter, and because I have given you a list of them on my website, I will not reveal its true title to the end – particularly because I will tell more about the book than I have on that particular webpage.

Interested? :) I sure am!

This will be a fun time for me to look back into the past about my past books and give you all a clear and fun outline about each book. Each one of these books may or may not be published, but at the time they were written, they meant a great deal to me, and I love them all for its own wonderful and unique elements.

In turn, you all may reply in my blog comments if you wish about your own crazy book ideas you have had in the past.

What were the first stories that you ever wrote and what were they about? C’mon, we’d all love to hear ’em. I certainly would, anyway! :) I really enjoy hearing about stuff like that.

But anyway, the first book I will talk about here is the book that I started that lazy, summer day when all I wanted to do was stay cooped up inside and pretend the ouside world didn’t exist. Oh, my mother might have occasionally called for me to help her with something, but as pre-teen with a roll of my eyes, I’d precariously hurry through the duty and zip right back to my bedroom where I continued to pound off some cool, well-thought-through paragraphs of the story at hand.

Let me first start out by saying that as a pre-teen with hopes of one day falling in love and marrying the man of my dreams (which I did anyway), my books were rather cheesy back then, haha! So it shouldn’t surprise you that the protagonist in this book – whose name was Jennifer (like my name) was a tomboy, BUT she was secretly crazy in love with her friend, Benjamin, who liked Ben for short.

Jen and Ben – stupid, right? Ha!

Anyway, Jennifer had a twin sister named Elizabeth (I love this name) who was the exact opposite of her. She was timid and quiet, whereas Jennifer was loud and sometimes obnoxious. Jennifer got her first kiss at the school dance with, of course, Benjamin.

Elizabeth “Lizzie” got her first kiss on her death bed later that year as she suffered from leukemia. Not with Ben, though, but with Mike, Ben’s best friend.

Seeing where I’m going with this? 

Lizzie dies from cancer, and Jennifer lives on. Jennifer grows up, marries Ben (which isn’t shown but at the end of the book they’re engaged) and Mike finds a different girl to marry. This book is unique because of the fact that Jennifer doesn’t really how much she really loved her sister Lizzie until she’s gone, and she has to learn to cope with the pain. Not knowing who to turn to or rely on, without realizing it she ignores Ben and him trying to show his feelings towards her.

Years later when I’m in college, I slightly revise this book to reveal the prologue of Jennifer, a grown woman, waiting at the airport for a certain man named Ben. After some twenty-thousand more revisions, this may actually be a great book to publish. But until then, it’s the dearest to my heart because it’s the first book that I ever wrote, yet farthest from my mind to yearn to publish.

The name of this book has been altered since the beginning. But the name it started with has always been “Life With Guardian Angels.”

Have an enjoyable week everyone :)